Learn How to Fly Business Class for Less than Economy

affordable business class to access the loungeHave you ever boarded a flight and watched with envy those turning left into business class, while you join the throngs of passengers turning right? Ever wished you could relax in the airline lounge with unlimited free drinks and snacks before your flight? Or even just wondered what it would be like to sleep in a bed on a long haul flight…..?

Well here is how mere mortals, like you and me, can do just that without breaking the bank. For a similar price to the cost of an economy ticket, you can fly business class, saving thousands off the full price business fare. You just need to know how…

The From Miles To Smiles Mission

Our mission is to show you how to use airline programmes to earn BA miles (AVIOS or equivalent) and bag yourself an absolute bargain. It needn’t cost you the bank, and with some changes in spending habits, you will find yourself living it up in the lap of luxury in super-fast time!!

Now perhaps you think that airline reward clubs are just for frequent fliers…? Wrong!

Perhaps you think you will never earn enough points to pay for a business class fare or even hugely discounted short-haul flights…? Also wrong!

Business class mealPerhaps you think that if you actually earn the points you might never be able to redeem them….? Guess what? Also wrong!

I, like you, harboured many of these beliefs which prevented me from reaping the rewards of airline rewards much sooner.

From Miles To Smiles aims to explain in detail exactly how you can build enough points to travel in style with posts dedicated to different means of accumulating BA miles (a.k.a AVIOS) with clear instructions on what you need to do.

Now this isn’t just a crazy marketing spiel. I envied those people heading into business class and would conjure up all kinds of stories about how they were able to fly business when I couldn’t ever imagine spending that kind of ridiculous money.

My green-eyed monster would transform the young attractive woman into a high-end escort or a WAG, the man in a track suit to a drug dealer or pimp and young children into trust fund brats. Little did I realise that they might simply be enjoying the benefits of BA reward flights!

I will share with you a cartload of tips and tricks which I have personally tried and tested, and which have helped me book business class flights to Japan, India and Canada all for less than the cost of economy class tickets.

Now if you don’t believe me, and frankly you are right to be cynical (we’ve all heard too many stories which are simply too good to be true!) here’s the proof.

The screenprints below show the price for 2 flights in both economy and business class. I am booked on these exact same flights to India but I paid £1,205.82 – a massive saving of £3,577.36 off the business class fare and £227.36 less than the economy class fare.

British Airways flights costs

British Airways flights costs

And just to prove this wasn’t a one time thing, here’s the cost for economy and business class flights on the same flights I have booked to Montreal for February 2016.

British Airways flights costs

British Airways flights costs

I paid just £1,048.06 for these flights – a massive saving of £5,074 on the standard business class fare and £332 less than than the economy class fare.

Even if you don’t have ambitions to become a regular business class flier, From Miles To Smiles still has tips for you. If you want to start your honeymoon with a bang, celebrate a significant milestone with a fabulous anniversary trip, or even get married abroad, these tips will help you to bag yourself that business class flight and avoid those embarrassing pleas for an upgrade at check in.

Weddings abroadNow I largely focus on how you do this with British Airways and One World but don’t let that put you off. You can repeat this process wherever in the world you are based and with whichever airline you prefer and I will show you how in future posts. Just be sure to sign up for updates so you don’t miss out on regular posts on this topic.

So, go ahead, don’t waste time surfing the Internet trying to figure out how to do this yourself. That took me around 5 years and I’ve visited over 70 countries on countless trips and experienced almost every kind of travel from backpacking to butler inclusive. I kick myself thinking of all those cramped, uncomfortable flights in economy I could have traded for champagne and a bed had I learned this stuff sooner.

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Happy Travels.


Photo Credits: Roanish, Matt_Weibo, and Ali Nishan

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  1. oh I like this article. Thanks for amazing idea. Your experience will certainly help to others.

  2. Wow. This is such cool info, I mean, as a budget traveler I would rarely prefer Business Class tickets but if I can do some tweaks and improve the price, then why not. Thanks for sharing this!

  3. This has massively changed my perception of these types of reward programmes! I will really look into them in the future as I’m always on the look out of ways to cut travelling costs, meaning we can travel more!

    Great informative post, really enjoyed reading it!

  4. Thank you for sharing this it’s a must know

  5. Yay, Just what I need! The last piece of the puzzle; I’m looking forward to reading these post and start implementing this knowledge. I have miles racked up, but I am clueless on how to use them the best way possible for me, not the airline.

    • HI Paula, If you don’t mind me asking what airline are you accumulating points with, and how many do you have roughly? Also do you travel solo, as a couple or in a group as I might be able to help you out with some suggestions. There are some great resources out there too you can tap into which I will be pulling together into one mammoth post which I am hoping to publish next week so watch out for that one. Have a great day!

  6. Hi Anne, this looks fab. I see that the series started on May 11th, is it too late to sign up for it?

    • HI Stephanie. Absolutely not. You can sign up here to be notified of future posts.

      You can also find the last 3 posts in reverse order here and the first two posts here.

      The next post will be posted around the middle of the month. Have a great day and thanks for commenting.

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