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Creek Street Ketchikan and quaint coloured buildings

6 reasons to visit the wickedest city in America

I am in heaven as I sit on our balcony draped in a blanket watching the rugged shoreline of the Tongass Narrows slowly pass by. Verdant rainforest nestles beneath snow-capped hillsides and waterfalls tumble towards shimmering waters. Tiny islands, clad in pristine shrubbery, dot the narrows and we eagerly scan …

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credit card ans passport

Which Is The Best Air Miles Credit Card In The UK?

Despite changes to many credit card rewards programmes, air miles credit cards are still the best way to earn air miles in the UK unless you happen to be a frequent transatlantic flyer. The problem is that there are lots of air miles credit cards and some are considerably better than …

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Just arrived in Maple Bay, Vancouver Island

Discover breathtaking views on a Harbour Air island hopping tour

Vancouver is a bustling, cosmopolitan city with strong Asian influences and whilst downtown has much to offer tourists, those seeking nature may soon want to explore further afield. Less than 40 miles from the mainland, Vancouver Island and its surrounding islands offer pristine wilderness, almost untouched in parts. Quaint little …

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Couple celebrating travel plans

Double the bonus on your BA AMEX Premium card with this fabulous hack

In last week’s post ‘how has the British Airways American Express Premium Plus card become more rewarding?, I talked about why the £250 annual fee on the British Airways American Express Premium Plus is worth the cost. I also mentioned that if you cancel part way through the year you …

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POsing in front of the icefall of the Mendenhall Glacier

Marvel at spectacular views on a helicopter trip to the Mendenhall Glacier

The Mendenhall Glacier is a patchwork of dirty greys and vivid blues as it tumbles down the mountainside, a huge swathe of ice covering over 1,500 square metres of Alaskan wilderness. Jagged blocks of white and vibrant blue thrust upwards from the valley in a haphazard melee of rock and …

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Credit card and plane on a coffee with flight tickets

How has the British Airways American Express Premium Plus card become more rewarding?

The high annual fee of £250 puts many people off the British Airways American Express Premium Plus card. However, changes to the AVIOS redemption options now mean that even if you choose to use your companion voucher to fly economy class, you can easily recoup the cost of the annual …

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