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a couple of people in kayaks in a river

Enjoy an exhilarating afternoon white water kayaking on the Soča River

The river gurgles and bubbles as it races past us on the riverbank. Froth churns as it bounces and whirls over rocks and pebbles in the shallows. I try to concentrate as our guide provides instructions, but the butterflies in my stomach make it an impossible challenge. Although excited at …

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a man and woman taking a selfie

Discover three exhilarating things to do for free in Kranjska Gora

Kranjska Gora, an alpine village in north west Slovenia, is a hidden gem for adventure enthusiasts. Located just a short drive from southern Austria and north eastern Italy, it attracts cyclists, bikers, and hikers from across Europe and beyond. While this quaint mountain village offers plenty of thrilling activities like …

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a person on a zip line over a forest

Soar above the Sava Dolinka on a thrilling Zipline adventure in Lake Bled

My feet dangle hundreds of feet above the river valley. Far below, I see the swirling rivers raging through the valley, the rush of water audible even up here as I whoosh across the open expanse, whooping with delight. Clouds hang low in the valley, draping the nearby mountains in …

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How to use this whopping American Express offer to quickly bag a reward flight

If you are on a desperate hunt for airmiles and feel overwhelmed at the amount of money you need to spend to have a chance of bagging yourself a reward flight, fear not. American Express currently has an incredible offer on the American Express Gold card which could have you …

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a mountain in the distance in Peru

Discover how to unlock the world with Virgin Flying Miles

Virgin Atlantic has only a limited number of long haul routes. Although this includes 32 cities on 5 continents these are mainly in the United States and Caribbean, with a few destinations in South Africa and India as you can see below. If you want to travel to somewhere a …

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a snowy mountain landscape with a lake

Eight essential packing tips for a winter trip to Tromso

Deep within the Arctic circle, magical Tromso is an adventure lover’s paradise. Buried under mounds of snow in winter, it attracts those in search of the Northern lights and winter adventure sports such as showshoeing, cross country skiing, husky sledding and snowmobiling. As the world’s most Northernmost University city, Tromso …

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Congratulations! You are about to upgrade your travel style almost for free.

Have you fantasized about flying business class, but you don’t want to or cannot afford to pay thousands of pounds for flights? Do you struggle to get comfortable or go to sleep in economy class? Are you someone who enjoys the finer things in life? Would you like to fly business class but pay little more than the price of economy flights? Maybe you simply want to impress your pals and make them think you have won the lottery or bagged a big promotion?


On this site, not only can you find tons of travel tips and destination guides, but you can discover how to make frequent flyer programs work for you without ever leaving the ground. 'Yes! You really can earn enough reward miles to fly business class without ever paying for a flight'.


There is nothing like sailing past the long line of economy class passengers knowing that a cool glass of champagne awaits you onboard. And that’s after you speeded through fast-track security and feasted on delicious cuisine whilst sipping on a cocktail in the departure lounge.


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