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St Paul's church in Rabat Malta

How to save money on an independent day trip to Mdina and Rabat

Mdina is the jewel in the crown of Malta. Perched on a high rock in the centre of the island, its strategic location helped to protect residents from invaders in ancient times. These days, the only invaders are hordes of tourists that descend en masse from cruise ships and the …

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Xlendi sunset in Gozo

The first time visitor’s idiot proof guide to getting around Malta

The small island nation of Malta is only 17 miles long and 9 miles wide and neighbouring Gozo is just 9 miles long and 4.5 miles wide. Despite the small size of the islands however, getting around Malta can be frustratingly painful. Traffic jams, road works, and trucks barring the …

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Comino Kayak leg of the Maltese Falcon

Discover the whole of Malta in one day on the epic Rat Race Maltese Falcon adventure

Waves crash against the rocks beneath us as we scramble over giant stone slabs and try to quickly navigate perilous sandy paths that hug the edge of the cliff. Clumps of gauze and shrubbery fringe the path, prickling our skin as we cautiously ease over narrow sections trying not to …

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Creek Street Ketchikan and quaint coloured buildings

6 reasons to visit the wickedest city in America

I am in heaven as I sit on our balcony draped in a blanket watching the rugged shoreline of the Tongass Narrows slowly pass by. Verdant rainforest nestles beneath snow-capped hillsides and waterfalls tumble towards shimmering waters. Tiny islands, clad in pristine shrubbery, dot the narrows and we eagerly scan …

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credit card ans passport

Which Is The Best Air Miles Credit Card In The UK?

Despite changes to many credit card rewards programmes, air miles credit cards are still the best way to earn air miles in the UK unless you happen to be a frequent transatlantic flyer. The problem is that there are lots of air miles credit cards and some are considerably better than …

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Just arrived in Maple Bay, Vancouver Island

Discover breathtaking views on a Harbour Air island hopping tour

Vancouver is a bustling, cosmopolitan city with strong Asian influences and whilst downtown has much to offer tourists, those seeking nature may soon want to explore further afield. Less than 40 miles from the mainland, Vancouver Island and its surrounding islands offer pristine wilderness, almost untouched in parts. Quaint little …

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