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saving money on overseas travel

How to save money on overseas travel spend with Currensea

Ever returned form a holiday to find numerous overseas transaction charges? Those little charges of a few pounds here and there can soon add up. Charges may include a fixed fee for use plus a foreign transaction fee which can be anything up to 2.99%. If you spend £500 that …

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Esplanade Park Helsinki

Discover four thrilling ways to get around Helsinki

Enjoy a cold beer at a terrace café, hike, run or cycle around numerous lakes, coastal pathways and parks and enjoy a smorgasbord of cultural delights. What other European capital offers such diversity all within its city limits? Helsinki may not have featured highly on your city break bucket list …

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Ceaușescu's Palace of Parliament on the hill in Bucharest

Be amazed by a tour of Ceaușescu’s Palace of Parliament in Bucharest

Imagine a government figure that rules with an iron fist, torturing, imprisoning or executing anyone who dares to challenge the status quo. A government that imposes taxes on childless couples, embezzles millions and introduces such harsh austerity measures that a trip to the shop for basic food supplies is an …

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Pelisor Castle

Discover Transylvania’s magical castles on a one-day self drive tour

Transylvania is a land of mystery and intrigue, a true to life fairytale that the Romanian government encourage to attract tourists. Truth and fiction interweave in a marketing masterpiece designed to appeal to those in search of Halloween horrors, the paranormal and dark tourism. Transylvania has a rich and fanciful …

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The Black Church, Brasov

Be enchanted by fairytale scenes on a magical walking tour of Brasov

The charming Transylvanian town of Brasov is less than 3 hours north of Bucharest by car and is just one of several stunning towns in the area. Its hidden courtyards, idyllic cobbled streets and onion domes all combine to create a fairytale setting. If you are on a bus tour, …

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