The stress free guide to getting around Tromso safely in winter

The centre of Tromso is very small and compact so you will easily be able to walk. However if you do not wish to walk longer distances, such as to the cable car, you will need to get to grips with the public transportation system. Our stress free guide to getting around Tromso safely in winter will provide you with the basics, along with links to additional resources. Bookmark this post for a one stop shop for Tromso transportation.

Tromso cathedral surrounded by snow
Tromso cathedral surrounded by snow

Here are your main public transportation options in Tromso.

Options for getting around Tromso


You will need the Troms Billet app to be able to pay for tickets.

Once you have downloaded the app, click buy tickets. You must select a start and end station which is not straight forward as the names of the stops do not often correspond to the street. The best way to establish the nearest stop is to use Google maps and put in your final destination. It will highlight the nearest stop on the map and you can find the name of the stop.

Some stops are obvious as they are by a bus shelter with a sign that indicates when the next bus will arrive. Others are less obvious with just a little blue bus sign that indicates where to wait.

a snowy mountain with a city and water
Views of Tromso from the top of the cable car

Bus tickets

You must pay for tickets before you travel and you specify the time of travel. You can change the time any time before your scheduled departure but once that time arrives, you cannot change the ticket. Single tickets (zone 1) are valid for 90 minutes from the start time so this gives you plenty of time to get around Tromso.

Single tickets apply for one journey including any transfers. Providing you board any transfer buses whilst the ticket remains valid, you can complete the full journey.

a group of boats in a harbor in Tromso
Tromso harbour in winter


There are two main fare rates – off peak and peak. Off-peak times are between 09:00 and 14:00 and 17:00 to 01:00 from Monday to Friday . All other times are peak fares. Prices vary based on peak or off peak and how many zones you will travel. The prices below show the peak times but a off peak ticket is half price for a single ticket in zone 1 (22 NOK). The fares shown are peak fares.

a screenshot of a number

Fares for Tromso bus system
Fares for Tromso bus system

You can buy single tickets and a 24 hour bus pass but you will need to make at least 3 journeys to make this worthwhile. The 24 hour pass costs 126 NOK and we found it better value to opt for single tickets as we walked so much.

There are also other options for longer periods and you can find details of them all on Fylkestrafikk. For instance, the 7 day pass costs 29 4NOK (around £21). If you make one peak journey a day this is a worthwhile investment, even if you are visiting for fewer days.

a snow covered field with people walking on it
Views of the mountains from above Tromso


If you plan to stay mainly in the Tromso area, then one zone will be sufficient for all your journeys. However if you plan to travel further afield on local buses, the map below outlines the different zones. If you are unsure how many zones you will need for your ticket, you can search for your start and end points in the app which then calculates the number of zones automatically.

Map of zones on Tromso public transport system
Map of zones on Tromso public transport system


You may also find the city centre bus map on Fylkestrafikk useful.  And finally, you can track city busses on the Fylkestrafikk website here.

a map of a city
City centre map of Tromso showing bus routes

Airport bus

The airport bus only really works out a good option if you are travelling alone. At 125 NOK a head, a couple is better off getting a taxi. Although it is marginally more expensive, it saves the inconvenience of dragging bags around town, especially if you are visiting in winter when the road and pavements can be treacherous.

The buses pick up form multiple locations in town and run every 20 to 30 minutes from 08:25 on weekdays, 10am on Saturday and 09:25 on Sunday. The last buses are 00:10 on weekdays, 22:45 on Saturdays and 23:45 on Sundays. You can find the latest airport bus timetable here.

a city next to water and mountains in Norway
Tromso fjords and mountains from the cable car


There is a network of ferries that you can also purchase tickets for via the Troms Billet app. Not only does this option allow you to get around the area, but it also gives you a scenic tour of the fjords for considerably less than an actual tour.

Beware however, you will need to check that you can do both your outbound and inbound journeys on the same day as ferries are infrequent to some destinations. Ferries do not operate every day nor do they operate all year round to all destinations. Many ferries cover long distance routes as opposed to short one day hops and you could easily be stranded without proper preparation.

a boat on the water
Tromso ferry –

Ferry tickets

For a bargain sail, check out the free ferries and prices for other ferries below.

Free ferry

Prices for other ferries

Ferry routes

For help planning your route, you can see a list of ferry routes here or you can use this interactive map to find your route and check timetables.

a map with a route
Ferry routes from Tromso

The route shown costs 435 OK (£36) one way and takes 2 hours and 10 minutes. This is therefore not a cheap way to travel but is a cheap way to enjoy a scenic tour of the fjords.

You can only pay with FerryPay or AutoPASS for the ferry and you can find full details of how to pay here.


Taxis in Tromso are in plentiful supply. Although the prices do not seem especially high, bear in mind that journeys are usually no more than a few miles. From the city centre to the airport costs between 200 and 300 NOK. We paid 220 NOK (which is about £17 as at March 2024.) If you plan to make a lot of trips, buses are your best option.

Other useful rsources

You can find more information on Visit Tromso.

Other tips

If you are local or a Tromso travel expert, feel free to share any other tips you may have.


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