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Eat, drink and be merry in your quest to fly business: A – Z of AVIOS Collection

Hopefully by now you appreciate there are many ways to earn AVIOS from your day to day spend, which can then be redeemed so you can fly business class.

In this series, we’ve covered off the major ways to earn with flights, hotels, credit cards, and the British Airways and Avios shops.

If you have started to implement all the tips we have covered in the series, you should be well on your way towards those business class flights. I’d love to hear any stories of success no matter how great or small, so please feel free to share your experiences in the comments box at the end of the post.

If you are implementing the tips, but think you are making slow progress, please don’t despair. Today, I have a bumper edition of amazing ways for you to add to your AVIOS Balance.

The A – Z Of Earning Options to Fly Business Class

This A – Z Round Up gives you a roundup of all the other ways you can earn which have not been covered in previous posts. It is jam packed full of inspiration to help you on your way to your dream destination in business class.

You can also read a more detailed post I wrote on The Travel Hack covering this very subject, so if you want more information on any of these options, hop on over there, and find out more, but please come back or I’ll miss you!

A Beginners Guide to Collecting AVIOS – 38 Ways To Earn
Ways to earn AVIOS

Your Foundation Stones

Remember, you can use as few or as many of the tips we have covered over the last few months to collect AVIOS. You absolutely must however set up a British Airways Executive Club Account and a AVIOS account. This is where all your accumulated points are stored, and once you decide to go ahead and book flights, you can easily combine the balances.

A – Z of AVIOS

Apple – yes you can earn AVIOS on apple products purchased via the AVIOS store. So forget those long queues at the Apple store, and order online. You can still get support from the Apple Store but this is a much easier way to buy.

British airways – flights, holidays, car rental, airport parking and shopping purchased via the British Airways site all earn you additional AVIOS. What more of an incentive do you need to book another trip?

Credit cards – American Express and AVIOS specific cards will really help to boost your balance. Read more on credit cards and how they can really ramp up your points quickly!

Debenhams – make all your gift shopping, whether it be birthdays, anniversaries or christmas shopping earn you AVIOS. I’m sure you could pretty much do all your christmas shopping there, and you would also avoid crowds and endless queues!!

Shop at Debenhams to earn AVIOS
Cristiano Betta: Flickr

E-rewards – sign up via the AVIOS store and earn for completing surveys sharing your opinions. If that doesn’t appeal, then perhaps some Elemis** products would?

Flybe – book flights via the AVIOS store to earn on short haul flights with Flybe. 

Gordon Ramsey restaurant – indulge in some haute cuisine at Heathrow airport before boarding your flight. Wash it down with a cocktail to start your trip in style!

Hotels – there are so many options to earn via hotels that this is covered in a seperate post dedicated to this very subject. Hotel nights earn you AVIOS Itunes – purchases made via the Avios Store earn you points. For all you music lovers, this is an absolute godsend, although you might need to buy quite a lot of albums if you rely solely on this method for collecting points.

John Lewis purchases made after clicking through from the AVIOS Store

Karen Millen – whoop whoop!! Earn AVIOS in my favourite dress shop by shopping online after clicking through from the AVIOS store. Karen Millen offer incredible sales and don’t worry, you can return any unwanted items directly to your local store.

Linthwaites wines – order wine online from Linthwaites after clicking from the AVIOS store to earn. Time for a party maybe? 

MyProtein – For all you health and fitness enthusiasts, sports nutrition purchases can now earn you AVIOS too. Just click through from the AVIOS store. Surely that’s an added incentive to work out?

No 1 traveller lounge access – if you are going to upgrade your travel plans in the future, why not get a taste of the high life by purchasing access to the No 1 Traveller Lounge? You can book in advance via the AVIOS store.

OnlineGolf – is a way you golf fans can earn additional points. You will earn 2 AVIOS per £1 after clicking from the AVIOS store.

Pandora – ideal for birthday and Christmas gifts, your purchases of Pandora items can now earn you AVIOS via the AVIOS store. They even have a selection of travel related charms including planes, cruise ships, suitcases and passports. I’m missing the plane…..hint hint hubby!!

Qantas airlines – book flights for any of the OneWorld Partners via Skyscanner and you can add your booking to your Executive Club account to earn AVIOS. You can book directly with any of the airlines, but I recommend Skyscanner because it allows you to search all airlines, and find the best price. 

Rewards for all – sign up via the AVIOS store, and earn points for completing surveys with this company too. Beware you need to complete a lot of surveys!

Shell garages – earn AVIOS on fuel by signing up to the Shell Drivers Club and then registering your preference for AVIOS online.

Tesco Clubcard Points – can be converted into AVIOS and full details can be found in the recent credit card post. 

Ugg boots – for those who like warm tootsies in winter, purchase UGG boots online after clicking from the AVIOS store to earn. 

Viking – office supplies and stationary ordered online from Viking earn you AVIOS providing you click through from the AVIOS store first. 

Wallpaperdirect. Earn 4 AVIOS per £1 spent when you buy wallpaper online after clicking through from the AVIOS store.

Xcitement galore as you eat, drink and shop your way towards business class flights. Sorry there are simply no shops beginning with an X so this is the best I could do! 

wouldn’t you collect? You have nothing to lose, as long as you ensure that the spending you incur, is spending you would have incurred anyway.

Zipcar – car hire through British airways      

*British airways store ** Avios store      

So there you have it! There are almost 40 different ways to earn AVIOS, but if I were to count every store from which you can earn via the AVIOS and British Airways stores then that number would be nearer 500.


Too many to list here, but there has to be a way for everyone to earn from that tidy number. If you need something as a useful prompt for earning AVIOS, download this handy poster showing you all the different ways to earn, and you will never miss out again. Ways to earn AVIOS If this is your first time on the site, and you haven’t had a chance to read the previous articles, here are links to the previous posts in the series. If you have enjoyed this post, feel free to share with your other wanderlusting friends. Happy Travels.

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