5 Awesome things you should do to earn more AVIOS

It’s that time again when I share my quarterly AVIOS earnings roundup and here as usual there are a bunch of things you must do to earn more AVIOS. If you don’t want to be bothered with that, then just head to the bottom of the post for the five awesome things you should do to earn more AVIOS.

Earn more AVIOS

So I am on a quest to really ramp up my earnings in 2016, after all I want to bag my business class flights for my 2017 ski trip and I am planning a mega trip in 2018 for our ten-year wedding anniversary. I’m thinking Canada again for skiing, maybe starting out in gorgeous Vancouver.

earn more AVIOS in Vancouver
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So how did I get on with collecting BA miles (AVIOS) in the first three months of the year?

Quarterly AVIOS Roundup

Here are the details of my BA miles earnings. As you can see, the credit card sign-up (I got an extra 1,000 BA miles because I used a fellow travel hacker’s link. If you want to sign up then drop me a line and if you sign up on referral, you get an extra 1,000 points too!)

Source Sum of AVIOS
Credit Card              34,976
AVIOS store  2,651
BA  32,261
Lloyds 64
Holiday 4,330
AVIOS store 4,330
Hotels 5,696
AVIOS store  4,216
Kaligo 800
Marriott 680
Shopping 4,402
Argos 54
AVIOS store 1,948
Tesco 2,400
Trains  2,165
AVIOS store 2,165
Grand Total  51,569

I have earned a ton of points from Top Cashback too although there are loads more to add as it takes time for them to filter through to your account. If you are currently using the AVIOS store to earn bags of points, congratulations, you really are becoming an expert, but I would still urge you to check out Top Cashback as the earnings potential can be considerably greater.

So how does this compare to 2015?

Well you may recall that for the whole of 2015, I earned 160,965 so on a pro-rata basis, I am doing pretty good. Indeed in the quarter prior, I earned just over 41,000 BA miles so things are looking up in 2016. Thank god I am writing this blog and continually seeking out ways for you to earn more miles. Win win as I get to benefit too!

Five awesome ways to earn more AVIOS

So what are those top five ways I mentioned? Easy!

  1. Sign up for a BA rewards credit card (don’t forget to email me for the link first)
  2. Use it to pay for everything including your household bills (just be sure to regularly pay it off)
  3. Make sure you achieve the minimum spending requirement to earn your British Airways voucher as that will help you to fly business for less than economy
  4. Make use of the Top Cashback store but if that isn’t an option, use the AVIOS store. You can use this link to sign up.
  5. Shop at Tesco – not only is the produce better but those hard-earned points can be converted into AVIOS

How did you get on in quarter one?

How many BA miles did you manage to earn in the first few months of the year? Perhaps you have some awesome tips to share with others. Be my guest in the comments below….

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  1. This is honestly my first time hearing of avios but I’m intrigued to try it out! Thanks for the break down

  2. This is great and reminds me I need to start accruing those airline miles at some point. Is AVIOS valid worldwide? Would love to sign up under your referral if thats the case and i can get points from anywhere?

    • Avoid is Worldwide but each country has different ways to earn. If you google in your country it will take you to the relevant site. Where are you based?

  3. This is a great post! I always try to use points for everything I do! It’s a great way to save and it’s great that you’re educating your readers. I’m going to look into this program!

  4. This is an awesome post. I love that you continue to educate more people on using points and saving BIG on travel. I will never stop being obsessed with good travel deals LOL

    • Same here. I am always looking for ways to earn more points or save. I even booked a flight with an airline I would not normally touch the other day because it was just too good a deal!

  5. Great – i just started looking into programs like that to sign up for. unfortunately avios is not the right match for me 🙁 but thanks so much for sharing 🙂

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