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Feeling Cheated by British Airways Club World

Well if I’m honest, our British Airways reward flights today weren’t outstanding.

Cheated by British Airways Club World

First, I discover that even though I requested Club flights I have been booked into economy for the connecting flight. That’s fine, after all even British Airways can’t magic up a Club class, (it turns out there is only one class of travel for the hop from Manchester) but what isn’t fine is the lack of lounge access. T3 at Manchester airport is manic, as hens and stags head off for weekend sun and sangria. We end up cramped in a tiny corner surrounded by excitable young boys heading off on a football tour.

The flight to London is delayed so by the time I arrive, I am more Mrs Grumpy than Mrs Happy. I haven’t got time to try and fit in a complementary Elemis spa treatment, and frankly I feel as though I have been travelling days instead of hours.

British Airways Business Lounge Heathro

Ready for a snooze, we head to the British Airways South Lounge in Terminal 5, my favourite of the two main lounges. It is spacious with ample seating, and serves a selection of snacks, hot and cold foods along with an array of wines, beers and premium spirits. They do a mean chilli if you are there for dinner!

Our flight is out of B37 where there is a further lounge largely bypassed by most passengers. It’s virtually empty. No fighting for drinks or food here, and if you want to release your inner child, there is a KidsZone (please note TravelTheGlobe4Less accepts no responsibility if you get barred from the lounge for trespassing here!).


Things improve once we are onboard, although by this time I’m too exhausted to take photos. (Don’t worry I will add some when we return!). I sink into my comfy seat, gratefully accept the offered champagne, pick my film choice (Woman in Gold if you are wondering) and agonise over what food I’m going to eat (only to be reminded I pre-ordered a low fat meal! Bummer, just when I was getting all excited at the prospect of a vegetarian dhal).

As soon as those practicalities are over and done, I whizz the bed flat, adopt my highly attractive sleep outfit of eye mask on and earplugs, and sleep. Oh my…I think it is the best kip I have ever had on a flight. The only problem is the flight is too short to allow a full night’s sleep and we arrive far too soon!

We have the two middle seats which means complete privacy as we are cocooned in our own sectioned-off quasi-room (OK not quite those suites on Singapore Airlines and Emirates, but good enough for a working class lass from Yorkshire!). There’s tons of space for all the usual paraphernalia – study books, glasses, moisturisers and our new Elemis goody bags to add to the collection. In fact, so much space that Jason manages to lose his watch!

British Airways Goodie B

So here’s my thoughts…

What I like…

  • The flight!
  • Flat bed
  • Choice of Blockbuster films (all recent, thank god I didn’t go to the cinema much this summer!)
  • Our male steward

What I didn’t like!

  • No lounge access in Manchester
  • Check in waiting time at Manchester

So am I right to feel cheated by British Airways?

Perhaps I am being a bit picky, after all I got these British Airways flights for less than the cost of two flights in economy. However, I have changed my credit cards, and spending habits and spent a fortune on those cards to accumulate enough points to fly Club World. In short it has been a graft, and I have earned my seats. They haven’t been gifted to me by a company with deep pockets!

lf you had paid over £3,500 for these tickets, you would want lounge access all the way wouldn’t you?

Considering I booked British Airways business class I do expect to have lounge access from start to finish.

On the other hand, the flight itself was top notch

There is no beating the fact that a flat-bed makes sleep more likely, proper crockery and glassware dinner tastier, and lots of space makes me less grumpy! Now, enjoying a 4-hour layover in Mumbai, I feel pretty good….

Jason, on the other hand….well he is having a snooze!

British Airways flight to India

Have your say

Have you flown Club World with British Airways? How did your experience compare? I’d love to know so just pop a note in the comments below and get the conversation started….

British Airways flights Pinterest
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  1. Hey hey 🙂

    If I had paid what you paid, I too would have had a little something to say about the lack of access to lounges and so fourth.
    Other than that though, I’d take it as a once off, I would report what I can, and try and redeem what I could but wouldnt let the experience tarnish the over all end goal 🙂

    I know easier said than done, and airports and me don’t seem to get on that well, but thus is life.
    Loved the post!

    I’d like to know more about the cocoon you mentioned? How does that work? 🙂


    • HI Cee, glad you liked it. Fortunately I am not holding it against British Airways too much as I simply cannot get away from flying with them. I have further business class flights booked to Montreal in February so am hoping they redeem themselves. The cocoon works in that there are four seats in the middle, two of them are side by side so almost like a double bed if you are both laid flat. The other two seats are facing the opposite direction with a privacy divider between you. Because of those privacy dividers it is like you have your own little room (some planes actually do have private rooms, how awesome would that be?). The downside is you can’t look out the window but you can’t have everything. Hope your future travels go a little smoother. Happy Travels Anne xx

  2. Agree completely. Our recent check in experience at T5 BA first class left a very sour taste in the mouth. Took nearly an hour, no apology, incompetent BA ground crew. To add insult to injury I was not impressed when the words ‘redemption ticket’ were uttered. As if that made a difference and in fact only one part of the flight was a reward flight. Flight itself was fine, but will take a while to get over the check in experience.

    • Yes I agree. I don’t think a redemption ticket should be treated differently because they would be forgetting that you have worked your butt off to earn those rewards in the first place. We are not business people flying all over the globe and earning rewards on the back of our company, but off our own spending! I’m hoping they might redeem themselves with a first class upgrade on the return. What do you reckon?!

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