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posing at Everest Base Camp

Is This What Dreams Are Made Of? Everest Base Camp Trek Day Eight

Tears well up in my eyes, my throat feels constricted and I’m struggling to catch my breath. I feel like I’m about to have a panic attack and I’ve barely been walking five minutes. I turn to the guide sobbing and am ushered on to a rock to catch my …

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a building with lights and a gate

Discover How To Party Like A Student In These Five Bars In Poznan

Where to party in Poznan? Poznan is a university town in the north of Poland. It lies around three hours from both Berlin and Warsaw and makes a great day trip from either city. However, it also has a pumping nightlife so if you can stay a little longer, you …

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Views above Dingboche

How Difficult Can It Be? Everest Base Camp Trek Day Seven

Altitude sickness on Everest Base Camp trek day seven You’d think rolling up a sleeping bag and stuffing it into its bag would be easy, right? WRONG! At 4,400m it is a chore and a half. I’m knelt on the bed coaxing the damn day thing into its bag. Once …

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Lake Taal

Discover 6 Unique Things To Do In Tagaytay

One of my top read posts on the site is a DIY trip to Lake Taal in the Philippines. This incredible Lake is actually a volcanic crater encircled by a larger volcanic crater. It is utterly stunning and to get there you must pass through a little known city called …

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a group of flags on a rope

The Trouble With An Everest Base Camp Trek Is Kit!

As you read this post, I am somewhere on a mountain trail probably struggling to catch my breath. Yes, Jason and I are on a quest to reach Base Camp on an Action Challenge Everest Base Camp trek. We are raising money for Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice in the process, …

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Soneva Jani

Where Should You Celebrate New Year 2020 In Style?

I hate staying in the UK for New Year. Yet, every year I struggle to find inspiration for my New Year getaway so I decided to rope in a few travel bloggers to come up with some ideas. From the desert to a desert island, from bustling cities to the …

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