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How can AMEX Membership Rewards Reduce Your Bills And Subsidise Travel?

Back when the world wasn’t in lockdown, borders weren’t closed and my idea of a holiday wasn’t a day sunbathing in the back garden, I waxed lyrical about the benefits of airmile reward credit cards. In normal circumstances, when planes fly a regular schedule and we do not need to …

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Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon, Iceland

Who Needs Some Stunning Travel Inspiration During Lockdown?

While you are stuck indoors, you are probably dreaming of exotic destinations and amazing adventures. Why not make plans for your next vacation now while you have time on your hands? As soon as the restrictions ease, you can pack your bags and head to far-flung lands to enjoy new …

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Coronavirus travel interruptions

Can The British Airways Coronavirus Policy Help You Out?

I’m sure many of you had flights booked with British Airways prior to the coronavirus outbreak. You may now have to organise refunds for cancelled flights or try to rebook and British Airways is not making this an easy task. With automatic refunds seemingly a thing of the past, the …

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How To Cope With Travel Withdrawal Symptoms During The Coronavirus Lockdown?

These are crazy times and it seems inappropriate to write about travel. When airlines are under immense pressure and many countries around the world are under lockdown, it seems cruel to taunt people with travel. Posting dreamy pictures of exotic destinations or in-depth travel guides to cities that we cannot …

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Flight board in airport

3 Rules To Ignore At Your Peril When You Join AVIOS Rewards

Many people in the UK join AVIOS rewards with the mistaken belief that they will be able to book free flights or save a fortune on economy fares. This is a myth which may cost you dearly. There is no such thing as a free reward flight in the UK. …

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Mount Yotei from Grand Hirafu

Discover All You Need To Know With The Ultimate Niseko Ski Guide

Avid British skiers may be accustomed to ski trips to Europe or America but if you want to indulge in some of the best skiing on the planet, you need to consider Japan for your next ski trip. Incredible scenery, fascinating culture, mouth-watering cuisine and the best POWDER ever make …

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