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Use FlyerMiler to find the best airmile rewards

The Hassle Free Way to Find the Best Airmile Rewards

How the Economical Excursionists find the best airmile rewards I am so excited today to introduce LeAnna, one half of the EconomicalExcursionists (soon to become three when baby hack comes along in March!) who, with her husband, has been using travel hacking to find the best airmile rewards fund their travels around …

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San Francisco for less

How to Visit San Francisco for Less

This week’s Cities for Less post brings you some fabulous tips from Katie for visiting San Francisco for less. Anyone who has ever visited San Francisco knows it’s a pretty special place, especially if you grew up on a diet of US TV with iconic scenes of the city a …

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Using your phone overseas with the Tellink Traveller SIM

How to Save Money Overseas with a Traveller SIM card

Holiday hangover I’m not talking the alcohol variety here but the financial kind. Have you ever been on holiday and come back to a nasty phone bill? How about £260 from Tunisia or £95 from India? Pretty painful isn’t it? Maybe you thought those few texts wouldn’t cost much but you …

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Save money in Brisbane

How to Save Money in Brisbane like a local

The thing I love about this feature is the ability to see a city through the lens of another and this week we find out how to save money in Brisbane with Kerri from down under. Whilst I’ve been to many of the cities featured in Cities for Less you …

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escape to Lac St Joseph in this holiday rental

Enjoy a Winter Wonderland Escape to Lac St Joseph

Fancy a weekend break from the city? A chance to relax with friends or loved ones surrounded by nature? Or maybe you are visiting from overseas and would like to get off the beaten track in Quebec province. Then look no further with this winter wonderland escape to Lac St …

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Spa treatments when flying BA

The astonishingly simple way to make flying BA fun

Anyone flying BA (or indeed any other airline) long haul will know it can be a pretty miserable affair. Busy airports, long queues, screaming babies and cramped conditions can really take a toll but there is an astonishingly simple way to turn flying BA long haul into a LOT of fun. …

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Congratulations! You are about to upgrade your travel style almost for free.

Have you fantasized about flying business class, but you don’t want to or cannot afford to pay thousands of pounds for flights? Do you struggle to get comfortable or go to sleep in economy class? Are you someone who enjoys the finer things in life? Would you like to fly business class but pay little more than the price of economy flights? Maybe you simply want to impress your pals and make them think you have won the lottery or bagged a big promotion?


On this site, not only can you find tons of travel tips and destination guides, but you can discover how to make frequent flyer programs work for you without ever leaving the ground. 'Yes! You really can earn enough reward miles to fly business class without ever paying for a flight'.


There is nothing like sailing past the long line of economy class passengers knowing that a cool glass of champagne awaits you onboard. And that’s after you speeded through fast-track security and feasted on delicious cuisine whilst sipping on a cocktail in the departure lounge.


Here’s what you gain from a visit to this site.

  1. Learn how to use frequent flyer miles to travel in style without breaking the bank
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