Can you really earn 100,000 AVIOS in six months?

Quarterly AVIOS Update (Q3 2015)

Well I’ve been threatening to do this for some time, so here is my first quarterly AVIOS earnings update. Much like some bloggers do regular updates detailing how much they are earning, and how easy it is to replicate (it really isn’t by the way!), this regular feature will:

  • Categorically demonstrate that you can earn 100,000 AVIOS in six months
  • Show you the source and the number of points I’ve earned
  • Remind you of the hundreds of ways you can earn AVIOS
  • Demonstrate that it is possible for mere mortals to fly business (I’m not loaded, I haven’t won the lottery, and I don’t have rich parents!)
Calculating my quarterly AVIOS to demonstrate it is possible to earn 100,000 AVIOS in six months
Source: Pixabay

I guarantee you, that if you follow as many of the tips and tricks featured in my regular posts on this subject, you will be able to earn 100,000 AVIOS in six months or less, and fly business class for the less than the cost of economy seats.

Of course the experts among you may think that I am missing a trick, and if that is the case, be a gem and drop a comment in the box at the bottom of the post, because I’m always keen to learn more myself.

Quarterly AVIOS Earnings

Firstly, my table of points earned this quarter (please note this represents the combined points earnings of myself and my husband)…

Sum of AVIOS % of Total
AMEX Gold 21895 32.91%
Household 14800 22.25%
AVIOS store 10468 15.74%
Lloyds Duo 6931 10.42%
BA American Express 4000 6.01%
Hilton Conversion 4000 6.01%
BA store 2100 3.16%
Radisson Conversion 1200 1.80%
Rewards 4 Thoughts 1079 1.62%
Surveys 50 0.08%
Grand Total 66,523 100.00%

As you can see my earnings come mainly from credit cards, and the AVIOS shop (mainly hotels and trains). I’ve also converted some stray hotel rewards, done a few surveys and booked airport parking through the British Airways online store.

Earn 100,000 AVIOS by following these tips
Source: Pixabay

Annual AVIOS Earnings

For comparison, here is the table showing my earnings year to date.

Sum of AVIOS % of Total
BA American Express 28795 23.90%
AMEX Gold 21895 18.17%
Lloyds Duo 17252 14.32%
Household 14800 12.28%
AVIOS store 13986 11.61%
IHG 6000 4.98%
Hilton Conversion 4000 3.32%
Tesco Clubcard 3840 3.19%
BA store 3046 2.53%
Executive Club 2506 2.08%
Marriott 2000 1.66%
Radisson Conversion 1200 1.00%
Rewards 4 Thoughts 1104 0.92%
Surveys 50 0.04%
Shell 20 0.02%
Grand Total 120,494 100.00%

The majority of points are again credited to my flexible friends, emphasizing how critical credit cards are to your success.

The observant among you will recognise that I’ve accrued more than half of my points in the last quarter, and this has been through adopting a more focussed credit card strategy.

Top Tips

Here’s a reminder of my top tips for accruing AVIOS:

  1. Look for credit cards with large sign up bonuses
  2. Recycle those credit cards repeatedly to repeat the sign up bonus
  3. NEVER ever make a purchase in cash or on debit, that you could have made using your credit cards
  4. Never make purchases online without first checking the British Airways and AVIOS stores, to see if the store you wish to buy from, is linked to their sites.

So it seems I have earned more than enough points for two long haul business class flights, assuming I use a companion voucher to fund my husband. It wouldn’t be much fun without him, would it?

Shopping in the big Apple after earning 100,000 AVIOS
Source: Pixabay

So, of course, the big question is, where should I go? Skiing in Japan or South Korea, scuba diving in the Maldives or the Caribbean, or shopping in the Big Apple?

Scuba diving after earning 100,000 AVIOS

If you enjoyed this, and feel your free friends might benefit, be a sweetheart and pass it on.

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