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I’m Co-hosting #AdventureChat next week – Let’s Get Adventurous Together


On Monday 16th November, I am co-hosting #adventurechat with Monica Ortega, a California based actress, adventurer and hostess of Monica Goes. We will be discussing the subject of adventure travel and how our style of travel may change as we mature.

I would love for you to join us to share your experiences of how your travelling style may have changed over the years as this can be incredibly fascinating.

My Early Travelling Days

When I first started travelling as a teenager, I would set off with a finite amount of money, no mobile phone, no credit card and with no one knowing where I was going.

After all, how could they?

I didn’t even know myself until I got to the station and figured out which destination I could afford to visit with my funds. There was no internet, no Google, and no way to know what lay at the end of the train journey.

Sometimes I would find I had enough money to get a cheap room in a flea-pit pub or hostel, and other times I would be forced to return the same day, or be stranded. It seems amazing to think about it now, with information so readily available on the internet, our phones, tablets and laptops.

Share Your Experience

So come join us, and share how your experiences have changed. We will be kicking off at UK 6PM on Monday 16th November.

Be sure to use the hashtag #adventurechat in your responses to the following questions.

Twitter Chat Questions

Question One. How has your travel style changed over the years?

Adventure chat question

Question Two. Have you ever passed on an adventure opportunity you wish you had said yes to?

AdventureChat question

Question Three. What ‘adventure item’ would you most like to tick off your bucket list in the coming year?

Question Four. Have you become more or less adventurous over the years?

Question Five. What words of inspiration would you share to encourage the maturer individual to embark on a travel adventure?AdventureChat

Question Six. What travel tip have you learned that you wish your 18 year old self had known?

Question Seven. Are there any trips you consider the realm of people of a certain age?


Question Eight. What is your best bargain adventure experience?

Question Nine. What is your best break the bank adventure experience?

Question Ten. Swimming with dolphins or diving with sharks?

I would love for you to join us. Hope to see you there.

Remember, sharing is caring so if you know any peeps who might be interested in joining, plase share. Or you could use the ready-made tweet below by just clicking on it.

[bctt tweet=”Join #adventurechat Monday 16th November. 6PM London time to discuss how travel changes over time”]

Happy Travels

Anne x


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