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What Did We Think Of The New Zagreb Airport PrimeClass Lounge?

Franjo Tuđman” International Airport

The new terminal of Zagreb airport opened in March 2017 and compared to Uk airports is relatively quiet. There are just 60 flight departures on the day we travel. These flights are mainly to the neighbouring Baltic countries and western Europe. Although the capacity of the airport is currently 5 million, it feels virtually empty as we breeze through security and immigration. This means the lounge is quiet, unlike some of the British Airways lounges.

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cool architecture of the Zagreb airport terminal
cool architecture of the Zagreb airport terminal

Zagreb Airport Primeclass lounge

The lounge is surprisingly impressive. Double doors enter into a gleaming reception area where the customer service agent promptly checks us in (albeit simultaneously talking on the phone!). It’s almost empty when we arrive and we can take our pick of seating.

There are rows of small tables in the main eating area and larger, more comfortable lounging chairs by the walls. There are a few sofa areas but tables are mainly configured for two. This is unsurprising as I suspect most visitors will be business travellers although this is likely to change as Zagreb becomes better known as a city destination.

Zagreb airport Primeclass lounge seating area
Zagreb airport Primeclass lounge seating area

Food and drink

There is a wide selection of foods, both hot and cold. You can feast on traditional savoury and sweet pastries, sweet bijoux cakes, sandwiches, goulash soup and cereals.

There are cabinets full of drinks, including waters, smoothies, sodas, milk and fruit juices. There’s also a wine fridge with a selection of white wine and rose wines (the Chardonnay is particularly nice).

A selection of spirits are available from the self serve bar in the main dining area. This gets a huge thumbs up from me as I really dislike lounges where you have to queue to order drinks. In reality, they cause bottlenecks and I feel like a teenager with my parents monitoring my alcohol consumption.

I also particularly like that there were two different drink and food stations in separate locations, so neither gets overly congested, unlike the Aspire lounge at Heathrow airport for instance.

Zagreb airport primeclass lounge food options
Zagreb airport Primeclass lounge food options
Zagreb airport primeclass lounge drink options
Zagreb airport Primeclass lounge drink options

Other facilities

Massage chairs

Throughout the lounge there are a number of other facilities including three massage chairs. These will pummel and kneed your entire body should you feel weary after your travels. As you can see I am rather enjoying the experience!

Computer terminals and charging points

Free WiFi is available throughout the lounge and there are two computer terminals for guests to use. Sadly, I was expecting some USB charge points which were non existent. This is really surprising as there are plenty of USB chargers throughout the rest of the airport.


There are however lockers with integrated charging points for your phones and small devices, but these require a plug. It’s a great idea but not as practical as other charging points in the airport.


There are several large screen TVS scattered throughout the lounge but otherwise not much in the way of entertainment.

Need to know

Entrance cost

You can pay to enter this lounge for €25 euro a person (affiliate link) or you can enter free if you are flying business class or first class.


It’s opposite gate 23 in the international departures area. Turn right as you leave security and keep going until you come to the glass barrier and it is on your right.


I was pleasantly surprised by this lounge. The food and drink options were better than expected and it looked more attractive than some small functional lounges we have visited. Zagreb airport really does deserve a big thumbs up for creating an aesthetically pleasing terminal with such a great lounge.

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  1. Good to know. For whatever reason, I seem to keep flying to Zagreb. I like Zagreb airport, as it’s really easy to get into and leave, and is clean and spacious, although renting a car there can be rough. I’ve never seen a tighter car rental lot, and there’s only one way in and out of the lot, and it’s the same packed road for both directions for all companies.

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