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Is The BJS Beijing First Class Lounge The Worst Ever?

The BJS First Class lounge in Beijing is a poor excuse for a first class lounge. Even with our limited experience of First Class lounges, this falls far short of our expectations. It isn’t even up to the standard of many business Class lounges we have visited.

In fact, the whole airport experience has been disappointing, with no fast track security and painful lines for immigration with only one desk open. Where are the swarms of workers when you need them?

BJS Beijing First Class Lounge

BJS Beijing First class lounge
BJS Beijing First class lounge

Anyway, here’s a quick review of the main features for you to decide for yourself. We flew BA from Beijing to London in First so this is the lounge access for those passengers. (I recommend booking lounges through Holiday Extras if you do not happen to be flying First but want lounge access)


The lounge is above gate E19 in the international terminal.


The lounge is small with seating for around 40 people. Seats are big soft armchairs which would not look out of place in a 1970s front room. They are not especially aesthetic but are very comfortable.

When we arrive there are no other guests in the lounge so we have free rein. However, should it ever get busy seating may become an issue.

BJS Beijing seating area
BJS Beijing seating area

There’s only one seating area which appears to have plentiful plus sockets, so at peak times there will also be competition for charging devices.


The food is served under a Chinese style pagoda and is uninspiring. You can select from noodles, rice, sausage, scrambled eggs and some watery soups. There’s also a limited selection of pastries but it’s all pretty lacklustre.

We arrived at breakfast time so things may buck up at lunch or dinner, but I wouldnt hold my breath.

There’s certainly no private dining as there is in the Concorde room at Heathrow.

BJS Beijing First Class lounge dining area
BJS Beijing First Class lounge dining area


The drink selection is also pretty limited. There’s a small fridge of waters, sodas, beer and ice teas, a juice dispenser and coffee machine. In addition, there’s a counter with a small selection of spirits including gin, whisky, bacardi, vodka and cognac. I also found one bottle of red wine.

Tucked away in the back of another fridge, I found a selection of two bottles of white wine but no sight of anything more bubbly!

Self service drinks area in BJS Beijing First Class lounge
Self service drinks area
Bar area in BJS Beijing First Class lounge
Bar area

Massage chairs

On the plus note, there is a small room with two massage chairs. I hopped in one of these for thirty minutes and found the sensation strange but pleasant.

I walked out of there as though I was drunk. It’s pretty effective at getting deep into those tight back and neck muscles not to mention giving me something to giggle about.

Beijing BJS First class lounge massage chairs
Beijing BJS First class lounge massage chairs

Other facilities

There are clean western style bathrooms by the lounge but no showers. These have an attendant in situ to pass you your towels and open the door for you.

Personally I would rather they put that person to work offering table service. It was a disappointing end to our time in Beijing!


This is a poor lounge on most counts but the massage chairs do provide one redeeming feature. I certainly wouldn’t rush to the airport early to indulge in this lounge.

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  1. Guess you have not figured out yet that 99.9% of lounges in China are awful! I actually prefer the BJS Beijing Lounge over all the other Priority Pass lounges in Beijing. What it has going for it is quiet, not usually busy, has OK showers and can survive on the food. Compared to the Air China lounge this lounge is more relaxing and that is what matters about lounges in China.

    • That is a valid point. we did have the entire lounge to ourself for most of our wait but I definitely felt the Air China lounge looked more appealing. I hear what you say about quiet in China though – it is very rare to find those moments of peace and solitude!

  2. Wow. Sounds very disappointing… I’m beginning to wonder if it’s really worth flying F return from anywhere, except JFK, if the lounge is considered part of the experience for you. It’s certainly an important factor for me

    • I know what you mean. I loved our first class flights but this lounge compares so poorly to the Concorde Room in London. I’m flying First to Vancouver in February and am hoping that lounge lives up to expectations

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