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You are Invited to the Virgin and KLM Wedding Celebrations

The latest announcement from Virgin is great news for anyone accumulating airmiles with Virgin. Only recently, I rejected flights with KLM, because I couldn’t earn useful miles, but that is all about to change. So if you aren’t aware, here’s the latest on the joint venture between Virgin and KLM.

KLM/Air France has announced its intention to purchase 31% of Virgin Atlantic. This may be a marriage made in heaven, and you are invited. So, what do you need to know?

Virgin Airlines plane

Wedding date

Subject to legal agreements and regulatory approvals, these nuptials may conclude by the beginning of 2019 or earlier. You have time to plan your travel.

Wedding favours

The 2014 Joint Venture with Delta Airlines resulted in more opportunities to earn and redeem Flying Club miles. It also enhanced Flying Club tier benefits.

It is thus safe to assume that this new partnership will offer similiar benefits to both Virgin and KLM guests.

The official line

Indeed, Virgin confirms that the partnership will ‘further enrich Flying Club with earning and redemption opportunities and Flying Club tier benefits on Air France and KLM‘. Great news for anyone wanting to take advantage of some of the great deals that KLM offers to wide range of destinations.

Wedding Venues

This wedding could result in you earning more miles from more destinations. It will allow Virgin Atlantic to offer 300 direct daily flights from 28 UK and European destinations to 32 North American destinations. Passengers then can connect to a further 250 exciting destinations in North America on Delta Airlines.




Do you support this wedding?

I think this announcement is great news as it means an opportunity to earn more Flying Club miles from two airlines that fly to destinations not currently offered by Virgin, whilst also opening up new routes to those who attempt to remain loyal to one or two key airline groups.

Well what do you think of this announcement? Will you be rushing to join the party?

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  1. Well, here’s to a happy marriage. I typically try to fly in the Star Alliance, but I more than anything just shop around. I think that I need to try to be a little more loyal to earn those rewards! Especially with this marriage earning me even more miles!

  2. Anything that helps me earn more frequent flier miles and travel more is a good thing! Hopefully, the merger will go smoothly!

  3. Hoping that it may be a happy marriage, but sometimes bigger isn’t better. Either way, I love KLM and enjoy Delta’s service when travelling in the USA.

  4. HAha the comparison! I’ve never really been loyal to one airline but rather shopped around for the best deal. Now that I’ve traveled rather extensively I wish I had joined some kind of rewards program. I’ve had great experiences with both virgin and KLM.

    • I too have made that mistake. For most the key is simply to have activity on an account whether it is credit card spend or purchasing through their portal. That way you preserve the points you accumulate. I don’t advise spreading too thin though if you decide to embrace loyalty

  5. With another merger I just hope prices don’t go up. That really hurts those of us in smaller airports.

  6. Since I am an overlander rather than a traveller who flies a lot, this wedding won’t really affect me all that much. But I can see that it will be a real boon to travellers between Europe and North America, who travel a lot.
    Congratulations to the happy couple – Virgin and KLM..

  7. Wishing them a very happy wedding! It’s gonna be good news for us too, the passengers. I guess it’s not early to plan some trips ahead, right? There’s sooo many destinations to choose from. Yay!

  8. KLM/Air France’s announcement that it plans to purchase 31% of Virgin Atlantic is indeed good news for those accumulating air miles with Virgin. Great post comparing it to a wedding. I hope the engagement goes well!

  9. Useful information here. I love flying with Virgin, great customer service. Never flown with KLM but that is about to change.

  10. I do support this message. With Air Canada pulling out of Aeroplan, I’m shopping around.

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