What are your Travel Hacking Challenges and Questions?

Your biggest travel hacking challenges

Hoorah, I’m finally nearing the end of my MBA. After 3.5 years of endless hours of studying, I am reclaiming my life and that means I can finally focus more attention on giving you lovely readers more of what you want. The content which performs well on my site typically relates to hotel and airline rewards programmes, but am I providing the answers to your travel hacking challenges and questions?

what are your challenges
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What do you want to learn?

I’m planning content for the next few months and would love to know what your biggest concerns are when it comes to collecting airline and hotel rewards. I am now going to have more time available to research some of these burning questions so what are the big questions you really want to see answered? How about…

Which credit card in the UK allows me to earn the most airlines?


Which rewards programme should I sign up to in the UK?’

Maybe you are more interested in hotel rewards and want to know:

Which is the best hotel rewards programme?’


Which hotel reward programme offers the best value?’

Earn points at Crowne Plaza
IHG maybe?

Or perhaps you have some other question you have meant to research, and simply not got around to yet. Fear not, pop the details in the comment box, and I may just do the research for you. Now is the time to ask the questions and over the course of the next few months, I will try my damnedest to answer them.

What stops you earning more rewards?

Ask yourself ‘what prevents you from earning more rewards?’ Some people tell me they are nervous about using credit cards which is fine. You can still earn airmiles without them, but it is going to take you a long time to grab a reward flight unless you fly regularly for business. You can however definitely earn enough hotel rewards for a freebie without credit cards, and there are even ways to supercharge your balance.

Credit card insurance offers protection
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Is it all too much hassle?

Maybe you just think it is too much hassle, and to be honest in the UK it can be painful. It’s more difficult than in the US but nevertheless there are some incredible ways to really ramp up the points.

Just let me know what you find a struggle and I will see what I can do.

My US friends

Now don’t worry if you are reading this and are from the States. I know a lot of you drop by so I don’t want you to feel like I don’t give two hoots about you. I have some awesome US travel hacking pals who can help you out, so ask your questions too.

Ask your question

All I ask is that when you ask your question, you let me know where you are based, and the biggest issue you would like to solve.

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  1. As an individual traveler, I am in search of credible sources of booking my trip and the behavior of the travel agent/guide. My expectations vary from a good place to stay to the places I would visit during the stay even i have to shell out an extra buck.
    Keeping these hacking challenges in mind, I cherry pick Bed and Breakfast rooms in India so that a foreign traveler does not struggle to find a soft spoken host and a more-than-decent-place to be.

  2. I would love to learn more about the best airline and hotel rewards programs? I’m not in UK though. I’m from Canada so if you have any general tips on earning rewards, I’d love to hear!

  3. I am a budget traveller so don’t really use rewards programmes as they reward spending! Are there any ‘budget’ travel hacks to help me save money without having to spend it? :D’

  4. I think what holds me back to earn more reward points is that I don’t really understand how it works and rarely use the same hotel brands or flight company. I have one flight credit card but. I haven’t used it much. I should probably get more into it. đŸ˜‚

  5. how can i get lounge access for cheap if i don’t have a cc that gets me entry and i don’t fly business class? i’ve tried skyguide exec privilege club. they comp $50. but most entries are $59 for a day pass. any hints??

    • Hi there, typically lounges are accessible to those with credit cards or flying business, or those prepared to pay. I’m not aware of any other ways to get free access but this is definitely a good call so will add to the list of research items.

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