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How To Help Make The Blind Bloggers Amazing Travel Dream Come True

Given that you have found my website, I am guessing that you like to travel. Maybe you love breathtaking mountain vistas, architectural delights, mouthwatering cuisines or simply soaking up city vibes. Think about everything we take for granted when we travel as a sighted person, and how scary it might be to travel if we actually could not see.ย Yes, imagine you lived out every day in darkness. Would you still have a travel dream? If you did have a travel dream, would you dare to make it reality?

A view of the mountains from an EasyJet plane
View of the Italian Alps from an EasyJet flight

Let me introduce you to someone who is entirely blind. He DOES have a travel dream and strangely enough, seems willing to put his faith in me (notice I did not use the usual saying there for risk of offence) and allow me to help bring the #MaxRTWChallenge to life.

Introducing the Blind Blogger

One of the joys of blogging is that sometimes you come across other travellers who truly inspire you. I first came across Max and his blog, The Blind Blogger, around a year ago. I signed up to his list, and when an email popped into my inbox, just before Christmas, seeking reviewers for his latest book, I was intrigued. The reasons that motivate a blind person to travel fascinated me.

My travel dreams are heavily inspired by sight. From breathtaking mountain vistas to azure tropical waters, rain-drenched jungle and even the depths of the ocean, all rely on sight. I cannot imagine why I would want to visit them without seeing them.

Visiting Kizimkaze
Visiting Kizimkaze in Zanzibar

I would call myself a reasonably daring traveller, but the thought of travelling completely in the dark, entirely relying on strangers, terrifies me.

Reviewing the Blind Blogger’s NYC Adventures

So I jumped at the chance, dropped Max a quick email and before you know it, was in possession of an electronic copy of his book ‘The Blind Blogger’s NYC Adventures‘. Woo hoo! It did not take me long to devour Max’s words and you can read the full review in the post below.

How Brave Would You Need To Be To Travel If You Were Blind?

The Challenge

So, what does this have to do with a challenge? Well, Max and I started chatting over email, and before you know it, I was inviting him to come to visit us in stunning Sheffield. Then, that embryo of an idea morphed into something bigger….MUCH BIGGER!

I started wondering what would happen if we could persuade a bunch of travel bloggers, or other lovely trustworthy people, to host Max for a few days at a time, and share different aspects of their city with him.

This would be a great way to illustrate a different facet of each blogger’s home town, but also a fascinating chance for Max to live and breathe the British culture (we may even turn him into a pom!).ย  I ran the idea by Max, and instead of thinking it was bonkers (well maybe he did, but was too polite to say!), he jumped at the chance. Oh dear, clearly we have two crazy asses in the house!

Testing the waters, I put a post on a collaboration thread and was astonished by the response. We had volunteers not just from the UK and Europe, but as far away as Mumbai, Auckland and Canada.

child playing in the water surrounding the steel balls in the Sheffield Peace Gardens
Sheffield Peace Gardens

That’s when the idea became reality. The challenge is officially on!

When is this happening?

We anticipate Max will leave his home in Houston on the 20th December and visit us in Sheffield for Christmas. After that, we have no idea about times or destinations. We have to figure it out as we go. As people express an interest, we will be touching base and trying to piece together an itinerary which is sensible.

We have to figure out flights, transfers between destinations and practical things like housing and useful tips for people hosting a blind person. I am clueless, but Max and I have already discussed a little ‘Hosting guide‘ to help the uninitiated.

British Airways redemptions using AVIOS
Help: flights needed! (Source: PIxabay)

Do you want to be a part of the #MaxRTWChallenge?

So, do you want to be a part of this challenge? Do you want to experience your city in an entirely different way? Would you be willing to host Max for just a few days, and ensure he gets to his next host? If so, we want to hear from you.

What you need to do

To get involved:

  1. First, pop your details (only those you are happy for others to see) on the Google Sheets document. You can put details of what you would be willing to do on there or in the comments below.
  2. Second, please share this post on social media – Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Whatsapp…as many places as you can, as we are on a mission to make this the biggest and boldest adventure of Max’s life.
  3. If you know of anyone who might be willing to support Max and his adventure with flights, train tickets etc, please email me or comment below and I can get in touch. I know I am pushing my luck now, so I will call it a day at three things!

Between us, we have the power to create something amazing, and finish 2018 on a high! The world is in your hands.

the world inked onto two hands
Source: Pixabay

About Anne

Anne is the founder and editor of Frommilestosmiles. If she isn't travelling, she is thinking of travelling or planning her next trip. She has visited over 90 countries on six continents and sampled everything from backpacking to bank bursting travel. Her mission is to help you enjoy more luxurious travel without the luxury price tag through the use of airline and hotel rewards and other money-saving travel tips


  1. This is a such a beautiful and special post. Thank you for sharing this.
    I had never sat down and thought how it would be for a blind person to travel but this gave me goosebumps.
    Max must be applauded for relishing travel through his other senses and you have done a great job by reviewing his book, calling him over and taking forward an initiative to help him. I am sure bloggers in India would love to help him see our country.

    • You are not kidding. we have already had a few offers so if you are serious, feel free to add your details to the Google sheet. Who knows what the future may hold for Max

    • Hi Manjulica; Thanks for your thoughtful comments about Anne, her review of my book, and her willingness to help me take on an even bigger challenge. We have already had one contact from a blogger in India, so it’s becoming apparent that this is another place that should be added to the list. Once we manage the UK and Europe I will be off to many other places. Looking forward to visiting possibly in late 2019 or in 2020. Thanks again, Max

  2. What an incredible and inspiring project! I am sure he will gain a unique and wonderful experience. Travelling by himself is amazing, but having the advantage of a local host would surely make his trip even more treasurable. I am from Mexico and my country is quite far from Max’s destination, but I will be happy to be part of the project if there’s a second Latin American edition! The best of lucks!

    • Hey Dann, that might be a little mini trip for Max. He only lives in Houston so not far at all. Where in Mexico are you from?

    • Hi Dann; First, thanks for the warm reply. Your participation is greatly appreciated. I don’t know if there will be a Latin American branch of the trip, but I want to applaud you for suggesting it. It shows that you believe in this whole crazy idea. ๐Ÿ™‚ And I hope you will submit your details. THe larger the community is involved in the planning the more able I will be to overcome the natural pitfalls associated with travel. And we can definitely use your help spreading the word about the challenge by posting this and other articles to your social media following. I’d also love it if you would mention them to any media person you know. I do think there will be a Mexico visit because of two reasons. 1: this is the RTW challenge. ๐Ÿ™‚ 2: I’m planning on competing for the man prize to get some of the funding and they love a huge crazy almost impossible dream. Stay tuned my new friend, Max

      • Oh I think this could be just Chapter one in this story. This could become a whole series of books and challenges but they will only become more difficult Max. Be warned! Before you know it, you will be jumping out of planes, bungeeing and rafting down the Zambezi.

        • Like hell I will!!! But I agree with the challenges getting bigger. Although I’m open to driving a dog sled, learning the tango, studyinging marshall arts, and maybe a bungee trampoline? But if I am going to jump out of a plane we’re going to that place in montana where they do the tandem jumps and you are jumping with me. Love ya because you are crazy, Max PS hope they aren’t expecting me to be responsible for you. lol

  3. Anne, this is such a beautiful story and project! It’s an inspiration to every travel blogger out there. Max’s journey is truly impressive! Thank you for sharing that with us, I would love to hear more about it!

    • Hi Karo; Wonderful to hear from you. Are you wanting more information about the New York City trip, the book, the RTW Challenge, or all of the above? ๐Ÿ™‚ Anne will probably tell you to buy the book. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I am seeking additional reviews. SO, message me through the contact form on my site if that is what you had in mind. Otherwise, I’m always up for a good conversation, and I love answering questions especially any I have never been asked before or that are put in a new way. Hoping to get to know you better. Warm regards, Max

  4. What a trully inspirational story and I love the concept of the challenge – so Good luck to the blind blogger and I hope he has an amazing time. This really just goes to show and proves that if somebody wants to travel there are no limitations. The only barrier (or excuse) anybody who wants to travel but doesn’t is in their heads If I was stationary enough I would join and invite the blind blogger to come to my dreary grey English town of Loughborough in the East mids haha. Good luck to you ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Hey donโ€™t knock Loughborough. Many moons ago I went to university there and let me tell you my Uni days were anything but dreary! I remember wild nights in Busters and Ritz with tequila shots lol!

      • Your college life was much wilder than mine; But I had to work so much harder just to keep from being kicked out, and I went to schools in small towns without drinking establishments on campus. Cheers, Max PS maybe I shouldn’t have said cheers,

        • Ha ha you will hear us say it a lot in Blighty.

        • Ha ha isnโ€™t that what college life is for? Dancing on tables (ok, perhaps not advisable for yourself, although to be fair itโ€™s pretty hazardous with sight!), making a fool or yourself and taking lessons in the school of life.

    • Hi Amit; Good to meet you. I appreciate the willingness to offer if you were able. And the one thing my travels have taught me is that not everything will go as planned. So, perhaps you will add your name to the list as someone who might be able to help in a pinch. And of course, you can help by sharing this post and sending more positive thoughts. Cheers, Max

  5. This article left me speechless and I am rarely left speechless! I am soooo happy that Max gets to feel the world! And I would be happy to show him around Bucharest, Romania, if he ever decides to travel here ๐Ÿ˜› (left my details in the Google sheet!)Safe travels and keep up documenting every single detail!!

    • Brilliant Lulia. That is fabulous. Bucharest is on my list too. Looks like Max could be having an awesome time in 2019

    • Hi Iulia; Thanks for the kind words and for the generous offer. Romania is in the plans, but of course, we are focused on the UK first. Yes, I will keep documenting the trip both on Anne’s site and mine. And of course there will be a book or maybe two. Maybe I should plan out a book publishing schedule once we start to get a picture of the route I will be taking. Thanks again my new friend, Max

  6. Wow, this is such a brilliant idea. I’d love to know how it unfolds. Maybe you and Max can write a book about his experiences. I would also love to know more about how Max experiences travel. I think that he is really brave to travel as a blond person.

  7. Wow, first of all I am so impressed by Max. And secondly what an awesome project you’ve started! I hope a lot of people sign up to host Max on this incredible journey and show Max a different part of the world through stories and conversations. Hope you’ll be posting updates as I’d love to follow along on Max’s journey!

    • HI Diana; Thanks for your kind words about anne and positive thoughts about this journey. In addition to hosts we can certainly use people cheering me on. And social media shares are a great way to help. ๐Ÿ˜‰ The more people that hear about my journey and Anne’s posts about it the more likely we are to make this thing a reality. One thing I am committed to is starting the trip even if we don’t have it all figured out by December. Looking forward to getting to know you and to having you along on the journey, Max

  8. I can’t imagine what it’s like to travel blind. So many travelers, including myself, rely on the sense of sight to gain a sense of a country’s beauty and character. I applaud Max for his unique journey and would love to hear more when he gets to your home!

    • Hi Suzanne; Thanks for your interest in and attempt to understand my desires. It’s not just for my benefit though, while traveling I want to use conversations, small group talks, and book signings to share my message and inspire others to go off on their own adventures. traveling blind does sound like a good title. although I’m keen to use The Blind Blogger in there somewhere. It’s working out well with this book as it’s very easy for people to find me on amazon, barns and noble, etc. Will be looking forward to your comments along the way. Warm regards, Max

  9. Hi Anne; I’m blessed to continue meeting amazing people like you both online and in person. I can’t wait to see just who will be joining us in making this crazy travel dream come true. If the response we’ve had so far is any indication, I’m sure our team is going to come together just great. And I want people to know that positive thoughts and prayers are also very welcome and appreciated. Thanks Anne. Looking forward to spending next Christmas with you, Max

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