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REVIEW: Doncaster Sheffield Airport Premium Lounge Indulgence

Chill out areas in Doncaster Sheffield Premium Lounge
Relaxation zones

My favourite airport

Without a doubt, Doncaster Sheffield airport is my favourite airport. It may not have the shopping options of international favourites like Changi or Manchester closer to home, but those airports don’t have a car park that is within skipping distance of the terminal. Nor do they allow you to check in and clear security in less time that it would take to get a Starbucks. I kid you not!

Introducing the NEW Premium Lounge

The airport has recently got even better, with the opening of the Doncaster Sheffield Airport Premium Lounge in 2016. Prices start from £22.95 per adult and £14.95 for children, with infants being free.

The Premium Lounge offers the perfect opportunity to start your holiday in style. It offers hot and cold food, free wifi and complimentary drinks. Much as I love this airport, it isn’t huge and the seating area is pretty busy once a few flights are scheduled. Booking tickets to the lounge allows you to escape the crowds, sit back and relax over a glass of wine or cold beer.

Reserved seating in DSA Premium lounge
Reserved seating area in the Premium lounge

How to find the lounge

As you exit security, pass by Wetherspoons on your left and you will find the stairs leading up to the lounge on your right. You’ll receive a warm welcome on reception, before being checked in and shown to a table.

Our experience

The lounge is decorated in vibrant colours, with fresh and fun seating around functional tables or more relaxing areas with sofas and stools. We opt for a few sofas and quickly make ourselves at home. Bright paintings line the walls and soft lighting adds to the relaxed vibe as we quickly connect to the FREE wifi and settle in for a chill. For business travellers, there is a dedicated work area but I won’t be needing that today!

Premium lounge work zone
Work zone in the Premium Lounge

I am wondering if Selina is just trying to impress we travel bloggers when she asks us what we would like to drink, and whether we want peanuts. It turns out, however, everyone at this Premium Lounge gets the VIP service. Our last lounge experience was cramped and chaotic, and not quite the relaxing start to our trip that we had hoped. This lounge gets a thumbs up based on first impressions alone.

Food and drink in the Premium Lounge
The serving area in the Premium Lounge

Food and drink

There’s a wide selection of beers and ciders and a number of wine options to choose from. The service is fast, friendly and attentive. Watching Selina and Leesa serving other guests, I am struck by how they casually strike up conversation with the guests, urging them to sit back and relax, while they do the hard work of serving food and drink.

We receive menus on arrival with a choice of hot and cold meals, salads, sandwiches and fresh scones. I opt for soup and a fish finger sandwich, whilst Jason selects a tuna and sweet corn pasta salad. You can view a sample menu here, but the exact options vary from day to day.

It is some of the best food I’ve tasted in a lounge. It’s fresh, tasty and entirely stress free as I don’t need to fight my way to the food bar. It also arrives promptly so there’s no need to worry about missing your flight while you indulge.

Food in the Premium Lounge at Doncaster Airport
Pasta salad in the Premium Lounge
Food in the Doncaster Sheffield Airport Premium Lounge
Fish finger sandwich in the Premium Lounge
Soup at Doncaster Sheffield airport
Soup in the Premium Lounge

What’s included?

Fast track tickets through security are also included with pre-booked lounge access. If you are travelling at peak times, when the airport is likely to be busy, this is a fabulous bonus, allowing you to bypass the throngs and be chilling in the lounge in record speed. You get free wifi, access to newspapers and magazines, premium lounge toilets (which smell divine!) and more importantly, a stress free start to your trip.

Is it worth it?

Hell yes! I’ve been to lounges where I’ve felt that the cost wasn’t justified, especially when travelling with children. Hands down, this is worth it. You could easily spend this amount of money in the airport bar on just a few drinks and a meal, without the added comfort and relaxation. I will definitely be booking tickets the next time I fly from Doncaster Sheffield, which is becoming more frequent with all the great routes offered by Wizz Air and other budget carriers.

Furthermore, you can access the lounge at a discounted rate if you are a Dragon Pass or Priority Pass member, subject to availability. If you plan to use the lounge regularly, an annual membership plan might be a better option for you. I will let you decide…

DSA Priority Pass options
Priority Pass pricing options

Have your say

Have you used the Doncaster Sheffield Airport Premium Lounge? If so, I would love to know what you thought.

Disclaimer: please note Jason and I were hosted by Doncaster Sheffield Premium Lounge but all opinions are my own. I had a quick flick through the guest comments book, and was impressed by how consistent the feedback was. Universally guests rate the food, drinks and service highly and I would not hesitate to pay these fees.

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  1. It’s funny I’m from the UK and always forget about Doncaster airport as an option for flights; I’ll be spending more time in Europe this winter so I will definitely check out the airport and lounge for flights to Europe!

    • I never really considered it until a few years back then discovered Wizz and was blown away. It is fab it being so close to home and love the new lounge too. Not to mention, i can literally park and walk 100 yards to the terminal. so cool!

  2. Seems like a nice small airport with all the facilities that one would need for a good departuure / transit or landing

  3. I am a big fan of airport lounges – I was in one earlier today 🙂 I haven’t been to Doncaster Sheffield Airport Premium Lounge, but will plan a visit if I fly to or through Doncaster. I looks like a well-stocked and spacious lounge. I appreciate that there are special prices for children. Many lounges charge a flat fee regardless of age – this can be prohibitive for family travellers.

  4. I’ve never been to the Doncaster airport at all. But from your description, I can see why you like it. The lounge looks spiffy with great amenities. I especially like the look of the food options.

  5. Sounds like a good deal! The food looks yummy too. Thanks for sharing this experience.

  6. That sounds like a great deal. The food especially looks like it’s worth paying for. You are absolutely right about easily spending this amount of money in the airport bar on just a few drinks and a meal, without the added comfort and relaxation. We will keep this lounge in mind.

  7. Airport lounges are a blessing during long layovers. From resting, to whiling away Time to just plain binging. A great review. Crisp and to the point.

  8. Lounges are a great way to relax, get something to eat and some work done before a flight. This one in Doncaster sounds like a terrific one. I’ll bookmark it if we’re ever going through that airport. Thanks!

  9. The lounge looks so homey compared to another vip lounge that I experience. I like the ambiance it doesn’t look so intimidating. The food looks fresh and delicious too, Hope I could visit this airport someday.

  10. I always avoid airport lounges, because sometimes they are kind of disappointing, but this one seems super cool!

  11. Never been to this airport but lounge looks cozy! Just realized I never been to an airport lounge ! when I travel. Somehow I have this idea in my head the lounges are only for first class travellers…

  12. That has got to be the best looking food I’ve ever seen at an airport lounge. I travel through the UK quite a bit to visit family, looks worth getting a flight to here!

  13. Airport lounges are life changing! I love my Priority Pass for this exact reason.

  14. I love discovering new airport lounges and sometimes plan my route around my favorite lounges. It’s one of the few things to look forward to in airport travel. I’ll keep a lookout if I’m ever in the Doncaster Sheffield Airport.

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