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Is Tunisia Safe following the Sousse Beach Attacks?

Are you ok? Finding a text on my phone is not an unusual experience when travelling. However finding a text on my phone from a work colleague asking me ‘whether I am ok in light of today’s events’ is somewhat more alarming, especially as I have no idea what she …

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Broken Ankle in Thailand

Warning : injuries abroad are more common than you think. Read Aussie Flashpacker’s tale of woe

Official figures from the Foreign & Commonwealth Office’s (FCO’s) annual British Behaviour Abroad Report 2013 indicate that 19,000 Brits needed assistance in 2012/13. 3,599 British people were hospitalised and over 6,000 Brits died whilst overseas These are frightening stats! In a foreign country, it seems we throw caution to the …

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Boost Your AVios

Boost Your Avios Balance – FREE Infographic

 5 Reasons to sign up for Updates 1. Upgrade Your Travel Accommodation –  We show you how to secure better hotels, lodges and more for less money. 2. Upgrade Your Flights – Learn how to fly  business for less than the cost of economy. Top tips and tricks to boost your AVIOS balance! …

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Champagne bottles

The Travel Blog Award Nominees are….

My First Travel Blog Award Nomination – Yippee!! I started TravelTheGlobe4Less in April 2015 so am delighted to have been nominated for this award. The award showcases bloggers who could benefit from some recognition, and nominees are invited to respond to a number of questions to allow their audience to …

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Fly business class to Bora Bora

Warning: Airline Loyalty Clubs can seriously upgrade your travel experience!

Airline Loyalty Clubs Welcome to the Business For Less Series. This is the first in an 8 part series dedicated to showing you how you can fly business class for less than the cost of economy. I will guide you through everything you need to know about accumulating airline loyalty club points one step at …

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7 Travel apps

Keep Calm – use these 7 Travel Apps

Taking a trip in 2015 without any apps is like a caveman going hunting without a club. It’s simply not possible to be as efficient without the right tools in your kitbag! Photo by Kevin M. Gill You might not get beaten to death, or eaten by a lion, but you …

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