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Grab A FREE Night At The Nest Hotel Incheon With SPG

Today we are heading to the Nest Hotel Incheon. I’m hoping for a relaxing end to our whirlwind trip to Korea, combining sightseeing in Seoul and skiing in Phoenix Park and YongPyeong. Our bodies are battered and bruised and ready for some serious R &R, not to mention we are celebrating our wedding anniversary and are seeking some solitude before boarding our return flight.

Nest Hotel Incheon exterior
Nest Hotel Incheon exterior

Starwood Preferred Guest Partner

The hotel is a partner of the Starwood Preferred Guest programme and I booked one night FREE using my welcome points from the Starwood Preferred Guest credit card. If you sign up and spend £1,000 within one month, you earn 10,000 points (be sure to sign up with this link to earn a bonus 1,000 points). This is enough for 3 nights in a Category 1 hotel, but in our case, the points pay for one night (7,000 redemption for a Category 3 hotel) with change left over for a future trip.

I booked the remaining night through my SPG account for a price of 166,826 Won (caround £118) for a standard double mountain room.

Nest Hotel Incheon entrance
Nest Hotel Incheon entrance


This hotel is 2.5 miles from Incheon airport and is served by a free shuttle bus. It is thus perfect for an overnight stay before or after your flight, or for an escape from the city. Whilst only 40 minutes from downtown Seoul, the hotel feels like a mile away from civilisation. Nestled on the banks of the West Sea, distant islands shimmering in the ocean, it feels more like a tropical paradise than airport or city hotel.

Nest Incheon Hotel views
Nest Incheon Hotel views

There’s parks and exotic looking beaches within the vicinity of the hotel and it’s motto of ‘your own hideout’ seems highly fitting. Just a short walk away, you can hop on a ferry and visit the neighbouring island of Muidoo for a very different side to Seoul.

Muidoo Island
Muidoo Island beach is easily accessed from Nest Hotel Incheon


It’s not called a design hotel for nothing. As the first hotel in Korea to receive this accolade, it is a pretty bold design. Stark, bare concrete walls greet you as you enter the sleek reception with black marble desks. It feels more like an art museum than a hotel, and with a sheer glass wall overlooking the sea, is bright and airy.


The concrete theme continues into the bedrooms with plain walls, a gleaming white bathroom, and distinct lack of colour. It’s chic and minimalist but if I’m honest, not to my taste. I like rooms with colourful art and soft furnishings to remind me of the comforts of home, but this feels a little like being in a bunker.

That said, our room has some really awesome features which allow me to see past the sterile décor. Take, the whopping Bluetooth speaker I discover behind the headboard. Pretty awesome!

Nest Incheon Hotel Bluetooth
Nest Incheon Hotel Bluetooth speaker

Or, this view for instance (thanks to Nest Incheon for a complimentary upgrade to seaview by the way). Seriously, can you believe you are on the outskirts of a major city?

Sunset at Nest Incheon Hotel
Sunset at Nest Incheon Hotel

Amazing views

I find myself wandering outside in my sleepwear expecting it to be thirty degrees. I last a few seconds before I realise appearances are deceptive. You can find amazing photos like this on the Nest Instagram channel showing that that tropical looking water actually FREEZES!

Marvelous winter scenery. #nesthotel #네스트호텔

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The bed may lack colourful cushions and bolsters, but it is a dream. It’s comfy with crisp linens, and sufficiently big that I can escape to my own little island of tranquillity.

The desk area comes equipped with chargers for key gadgets which is a great touch. Nothing worse than arriving after a long flight and having to find chargers before heading to the bar.

There’s also plenty of storage to hide away toiletries and clothing. The bathroom spa products are high quality, smell divine and I’m delighted to discover a frothy face wash – perfect timing as mine is virtually exhausted.

Bathroom at the Nest Hotel Incheon
Nest Incheon Hotel bathroom
Nest Hotel Incheon bathroom products
Nest Hotel Incheon spa products


One of my favourite things about the room is the door which alternates between a door to the bathroom and a screen for the toilet. The toilet automatically flushes when you close the door which is another fabulous feature and of course, it would be remiss to overlook mention of the multi-function toilet features. Check out these options!

Nest Hotel Incheon toilet
Nest Hotel Incheon toilet options

Eating and drinking

There are two options to choose from. The Platz which offers six course menus for two from 85,000 and individual dishes from around 20,000. The Kunst Lounge is a more relaxed dining and drinking area offering individual dishes and snacks.

The Platz

The Platz is essentially a big glass box with panoramic views of the ocean from its three tiers. What a great idea to raise the levels, allowing more people the opportunity to enjoy the astonishing vistas. I personally find the décor a little too bright, too IKEA and too minimalist, but the food is spectacular. It looks pretty, tastes great and we are delighted to discover a giant Yorkshire pudding in our bread basket!

The Platz, Nest Hotel Incheon
The Platz, Nest Hotel Incheon
Dinner at the Nest Hotel Incheon
The Platz dinner

The Kunst Lounge

THe Kunst Lounge is more like a design studio or cafeteria and certainly not somewhere I would ever lounge long enough to get drunk. The lack of sofas and comfortable seating to relax into is a huge put off for me. I love the fact that there are books to enjoy and plenty of terminals for you to surf the internet, but it is just too sterile for my taste. I feel like I’m hanging out at my student common area rather than chilling in a upmarket hotel bar.

Other Facilities

The hotel offers access to a sauna and fitness room. The fitness room has a boxing ring which is a first for me, and if Jason hadn’t pulled his back on our last day of skiing, I would be definitely jumping in there to release some aggression.

The Piece de resistance however is the sauna and plunge pool area. In grey slate this is my kind of chill area! The luxurious changing area, complete with every possible amenity leads into a stylish bathing area. You can take your pick from a cool 24C or tropical 40c. There’s a sauna to ease any aches and pains and outside is a further 40c pool.

Outdoor pool, Nest Incheon
Outdoor pool, Nest Incheon (photo courtesy of the hotel)
The outdoor pool at the Nest Incheon
The outdoor pool at the Nest Incheon (photo courtesy of the hotel)

Even though it is chilly outside, the temperature is perfect. I slide into the empty pool and lounge in solitude, enjoying the fresh air and steaming water. Little do I realise I am supposed to be starkers, but as I am alone, I get away with wearing a bathing suit!


This is an hotel that will appeal to those with minimalist tastes, wanting airport convenience with a taste of luxury in a scenic location. This is unlike any airport hotel I have stayed in before and you could certainly find enough to amuse yourself here for a few days.

The decor may not be to everyone’s tastes but it is impossible to be anything other than impressed with the little extras to really help you feel at home!

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  1. This was a great article!

  2. Both the design and the location of this hotel are gorgeous. I think the Platz looks stunning, at least from the outside. I’m with you that too much of that minimalistic look isn’t for me. I think it begins to look sterile. Sounds like a great place to stay!

  3. My family and I JUST stayed here a couple weeks ago! It’s fabulous for a relaxing staycation albeit away, BUT in a hotel. I was so inspired by the design. While stark, just the right touches for a chic and moody place. I’m sure you guys enjoyed it tons. Funny you were in there with a bathing suit on though hahha

    • When were you there Haillie? I will be gutted if a fellow blog buddy was there when I was! Glad you liked it. Aren’t those views great?

      Ha ha yes I think I suspected I should be in there starkers, but as I was the only one, I just did what I would at home

  4. Getting a free reward is amazing. And the hotel does look interesting. I would definitely try to book this place when I visit Seoul, especially when it is closer to the airport.

  5. What an interesting hotel structure, I do like the big glass window looking outside. I also love those prawns yummy. It is great that you can use points to book it for free too, I usually use my points for flights. Wish I had more points to travel 🙂 Happy Anniversary by the way 🙂 How did you find the skiing before hand?

    • It was great. Not tons of snow because it was the end of the season but some really pretty pistes and definitely culturally different.

  6. It’s great to know that you were able to get a free night with rewards — I do love a great deal. Incheon has some great hotels – and they even have a few right near the hotel with free shuttles. They also have an affordable sauna where you can rest for about $20 a night inside the airport. I hope you loved Korea! 🙂

  7. What a beautiful place for a hotel! I actually like minimalist design, so I think I’d enjoy the look of the place. It seems like a good location near the airport and kind of removed from the busy city. The food looks tasty too!

  8. That’s such a cute name for a hotel and I’m really surprised the views are so nice. The hotel looks like a cosy yet contemporary place to make a nest for the night! How on earth did you come across such a find, Anne?

  9. Megan Jerrard

    I’m personally not hugely inclined towards a cement design either, though I do think that this sounds like a great place to relax and unwind as you’re making your way back to the airport after a trip to Seoul. Plus, if I have enough points to book a room outright I never complain anyway lol!

    • Yes a FREE reward night is always a real result. The funny thing is that by the time we left, I really liked the stark design as it was so different to anywhere else I’ve stayed

  10. Looks like an ideal place to stay and having enough points for a free night makes it that much better. Lovely views and a spa. paradise.

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