The astonishingly simple way to make flying BA fun

Anyone flying BA (or indeed any other airline) long haul will know it can be a pretty miserable affair. Busy airports, long queues, screaming babies and cramped conditions can really take a toll but there is an astonishingly simple way to turn flying BA long haul into a LOT of fun.

The Secret to making flying BA fun

It really is simple. You need to book business class tickets.

Now before you start screaming at me and questioning my sanity, after all not everyone has a spare few thousand quid to blow on business class flights, fear not. My husband and I have just arrived in Canada flying BA business class and we paid less than the cost for tickets in economy. £332 less to be exact!

In fact, our tickets came in at just £1048.06 compared to a quoted cost of over £6,122.06 saving us a whopping £5074. If you want to find out how then just check out the Luxury For Less series which shows you how to fly business class for less than economy. Be sure to sign up for future updates too so you never miss out on those all important tips for making the most of airline rewards.

Five Fun Features of flying BA business class

So now you know the secret to making flying BA fun, what is it about business that makes it so good?

Let me share with you five things I enjoyed about my latest BA business class flight.

Stress Free Check In

We arrived at Manchester airport on a miserable, grey, winters day. We had been racing around the previous few days trying to finish up work, attend study tutorials, organise decorating and frankly were desperate for a break. Heading up to departures we spotted a rather long queue for the British airways desk, and inwardly sighed.

Not for long though, as thankfully there was no queue for the business desk. We were whisked straight to the front bypassing the masses and checked in (all 5 of our bags!) in minutes.

Armed with our boarding passes we headed to security with plans to relax in the calm lounge away from the masses.

Flying BA business is stress free
Source: Pixabay

Chilling In the Lounge pre-flight

Flying BA business gives you access to the lounge in Manchester airport and boy do you need it!

Terminal 3 at Manchester is a pretty desperate place with all the facilities crammed into a tiny area meaning it is invariably rammed with people, with seating in short supply. We’re usually lucky to find a random stool in Costa and getting to the bar is nigh on impossible unless you happen to be on a 7am flight!

Not for us however as we head straight up the stairs to the quiet comfort of the BA lounge. There’s just a smattering of people and the murmur of hushed conversations as a few business people chat away on mobiles. It’s a far cry from the chaos in the terminal below where travellers jostle for elbow room.

Here it’s self-service with a selection of wines, beers, soft drinks, teas and coffees on offer along with pastries and snacks. We have access to free wifi and views directly out to the water strewn runway.

save money down under

Time seems to pass quickly and in no time we are on our way.

In London it’s even better as we can choose from two lounges in terminal five. I recommend the south lounge as it is here that you can indulge in a little pre flight pampering.

Indulge in a pre-flight spa treatment

Now I have to confess this is the first time I’ve managed to bag a pre-flight treatment. Business class travellers do not have the option to pre-book and have to hope that there are slots available. As you can imagine, demand is high and I’ve never had enough time or been lucky enough previously.

If you happen to be flying BA first class then you can book up to 28 days in advance giving you a much higher change of success ! This time though I’m blessed and manage to grab the last available slot for a neck and shoulder massage.

Spa treatments when flying BA
Source: Pixabay

I can finally assuage my curiosity as I discover that treatments are fifteen minutes in length and fully clothed. I had always wondered about the logistics of bodily massages in an airport and had visions of half-naked people racing the corridors in danger of missing their flight.

Safe to say, there’s no chance of this happening as the receptionist checks you in using your boarding card and can clearly see what time your flight is.

A massage to challenge all others

Oh my, it really is amazing what can be achieved in fifteen minutes. I’m greeted by Asifah (I hope I’ve spelled her name correctly!) who has the incredible ability to torment my knots into releasing all tension. It’s the perfect prelude to a long flight.

The spa area is lovely with comfortable seating, cool pink mood lighting and massage chairs to kneed your body as the therapist works on your shoulders. It’s a far cry from the usual airport mania.

I drift off the seat and back to the lounge to further relax with a glass of wine. The lounges in London also serve a full selection of hot and cold meals so there’s no need to spend a penny in the terminal on snacks or drinks and there’s plenty of options including Coq au Vin and mushroom risotto. Yum yum!

Enjoy Fine Dining onboard

Once onboard, we are in for a treat as the menu has some great options. I opt for goats cheese salad with blood orange, cod and spinach and a cheese selection. Abundant champagne is served throughout and we have proper cutlery, napkins and china plates. I managed to grab a few pictures so you can see how impressive it looks.

Flying BA business class dining


Our cabin is pretty empty today (also a first for me) and so we have incredibly attentive staff onboard who keep plying us with drink throughout the flight (water obviously!).

Catch some Zzzs in your flat bed

Our plane to Canada is a new 787 with ‘intelligent Windows’. Rather than a window blind to raise and lower instead it has a button to lighten and darken the view. I am a little sceptical but amazingly it seems to work, so much so that all I can see at night is inky blackness and my own reflection.

The configuration is also different to what we have experienced in business before with a 2-3-2 configuration which feels somewhat more relaxed and spacious. We have managed to bag two seats on the side so I am a happy bunny. Not only do I get to look out of the window but I have total privacy.

All too soon, we are on our approach to Montreal but I can safely say it has been great fun.

You too could be flying BA business

If this sounds like the kind of service you could get used to, be sure to check out all the tips in previous articles. Just pop travel hacking into the search box or head to the flights section for lots of ideas on collecting points to be able to fly business for less than economy.

You really don’t need a six figure bank balance or a trust fund to fly business class.

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Maybe you have your own tale to tell about flying BA business class. Please feel to share below as we love to hear from you.


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  1. We flew business from Tokyo to London and OMG it changes the experience of a long haul. How anyone can go back to cattle class after taking a flight in a flat bed luxury in business is beyond me. Never experienced a pre flight spa treatment – how awesome is that!

    • Funnily enough London – Tokyo return was my first business class and I could not agree with you more. I love the spa in Heathrow.

  2. I just started getting into travel hacking myself and I can’t wait to experience this myself!

    • Hi Tim, hopefully you will find the tips useful. It makes such a difference to your flight flying in business. We are heading back from Montreal tomorrow and are looking forward to a good night sleep en route! Good luck!

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