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British Airways Offer: Book a Club World Ticket and Get A FREE Upgrade to 1st

If you fancy a FREE upgrade to First class with British Airways, all you need to do is take advantage of the latest offer and book a Club World ticket before the 10th December. All travel must be completed by the 31st December and you can book as many flights as you like! Happy days!

British Airways redemptions using AVIOS
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British Airways offer

To be eligible, you must book flights by phone (call 0344 493 0787) in class R, D, C and J. This sounds like a pretty good deal.

How much does a Club World ticket cost?

Here are some sample fares for Club and First class. As you can see, you will save at least £500 on these flights.

Route Travel dates Club World cost First Class cost Saving
London to Las Vegas 7/12/17 – 11/12/17 £2,889.67 £3,489.67 £600
London to Beijing 7/12/17 – 11/12/17 £1,748.57 £2,248.57 £500
London to Hong Kong 7/12/17 – 11/12/17 £2,944.27 £3,544.27 £600
London to Cape Town 7/12/17 – 11/12/17 £2,189.67 £2,789.67 £600
London to New York 7/12/17 – 11/12/17 £3,047.20 £4,440.97 £1,393.77

What can you expect in First Class?

Travel in First gives you access to the First Wing, a dedicated check in area with exclusive security lanes and direct entry to the Galleries First Lounge. Now if that doesn’t make you feel like a VIP, then I honestly don’t know what will. This alone, makes me determined to book First class flights when I next use my companion voucher.

You can enjoy free spa treatments before flying, and unlike in Club, you are not subject to the whims of availability, as treatments can be pre-booked. Allow extra time at the airport to indulge fully before jetting off.

On board you will enjoy a fully flat-bed, which is a little wider than the one in Club, and if you are determined to sleep, you can lounge in First class pyjamas!!

Should you do this?

If you regularly fly Club or First for work or leisure, then this is a no brainer. You can still book First class flights, but will save upwards of £500 depending on the route. Personally, I would never pay for Club or First but I do collect as many AVIOS as possible, and use those to book Club flights.


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  1. These are some really cool offers. Hope you will enjoy some of these and will have a great time.

  2. I am getting spoiled because I now have status on AA and am now getting upgraded pretty much every flight. It is amazing when you get upgraded. The service is so much nicer plus the extra leg room is amazing.

  3. That’s a really generous offer. Unfortunately, I am nowhere near any of these places to avail them. Hope you are really having a great time with this. Hope they become available in more locations.

  4. This is an interesting deal! I’ve never flown first class nor will I ever most likely. I do love that airlines are stepping it up. If travelers are going to be cooped up in a plane for long hours we may as well be traveling in luxury.

  5. First class is amazing! That’s why people who have the money are willing to pay it for first class amenities. So, yeah, a free upgrade to first class would be super cool!

  6. This sounds so lovely! I’ve never flown first class – it’s typically WAY out of my price range, but this certainly would help! It certainly looks very posh! Too bad I won’t be anywhere near these destinations in December. Maybe they’ll run the promo another time. I’d love to give first class a try!

  7. Holy WOW… that’s awesome and sounds like a pretty fabulous reason to travel. I’ve never been first class, although I worry that once I have experienced allllllll that luxury and delicious first class-ness <- thats a word, I wouldnt ever be able to go back.

    • Oh god tell me about it. I fly club with BA reasonably regularly now but then when it’s a route that is non BA, like my flight to Tanzania later this week, and I have to revert to economy, oh boy do I feel hard done by!

  8. We tend to do business or first only via Avios upgrades, and look out for any special offers on earning more points — my dad is the airmile guru in our family. I think for me, the need to book the full fare Club to be able to qualify makes this less of a good deal, the saving is small against the cost of these Club fares, but for those who usually book and pay these full rates anyway, it would be a better deal.

    • Same conclusion as me. I haven’t really used the upgrade option though as I have found them quite restrictive but your comment may well prompt me to take another look.

  9. great opportunity if you want that 1st class ticket to asia or South Africa but I am not sure it would be worth the cost versus time in plane for the London to NYC flight since that is so short but that cost is pretty extreme.

  10. Wow, that sounds like an amazing opportunity! I need to think of a reason to travel! I’ve never been first class and I’d love to try!

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