Is The British Airways Lounge Gatwick The Best Lounge In The Airport?

This weekend, I’m treating my husband to a birthday weekend in Italy. I’ve used AVIOS for our flights to Turin in Club Class and have booked the luxury Park Hotel Billia in the foothills of the alps using As we are flying from Gatwick, we are getting our first taste of the British Airways Lounge Gatwick South. This turns out to be a real treat, but is this the best lounge in the airport?

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Initial impressions ★★★★★

Initial impressions of the lounge are that it is bright and airy with panoramic views out to the runway. Other lounges at the airport, such as No. 1 Traveller next door, have similiar views. However, the seating is in varying shades of brown and pink, with Alice in wonderland style high chairs, deep brown leather chairs and high tables for eating. It feels more like a boutique hotel, than an airport business lounge. Plush fabrics, vibrant colours and partitioned private seating areas create an aura of refined elegance. This compares favourably with other paid lounges we have experienced, where plastic chairs seem more the norm.

seating at the British Airways Lounge Gatwick
Loving the Alice in Wonderland style chairs in the lounge

Food area★★★

There are two separate food areas, thus avoiding a big rush to one central island, and amazingly, there’s self serve champagne in the drinks cabinet. Even in other British Airways lounges, I’ve only ever got champagne on request, and in paid lounges, champagne usually costs extra.

We arrive whilst breakfast service is still being served and enjoy hot croissants, fruit, cereal and porridge. Shortly after our arrival, the lunch service commences and includes pastas, quiches and salads. All food is self-service so there is no need to join long queues to place a food order.

Entertainment ★★★★★

There are big screen TVs placed throughout the lounge, which is just as well as I’m desperate to see the speed skating in the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. Whilst that turns out to be a British disaster, the free flowing champagne offers some consolation.

For kids, there’s a soft play area and for older children, there’s table football, some arcade games and access to computers. I’m convinced the room is soundproofed as I can barely hear a peep! Now that is a welcome alternative to other lounges where misbehaving children really can ruin your enjoyment.

reading material at the British Airways Gatwick Lounge
reading material at the British Airways Gatwick Lounge

Business ★★★★★

For business travellers, there’s a dedicated working area with plenty of plug sockets and desks.

comfy seating in the British Airways Gatwick lounge
comfy seating in the British Airways Gatwick lounge

Verdict ★★★★

What I like most about this lounge however, is how it is much more relaxed than at other lounges, including the British Airways lounge at Heathrow. We might simply be lucky with our timing, but it feels more spacious, more stress free and considerably easier to get a seat. I’m hoping I don’t have to wait long for my next flight from Gatwick.

You can only access this lounge if you are flying British Airways or partner airlines, however there are other lounges you can pay to enter. Book those lounges here.

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  1. Marre at the lounge was the most rude and terrible person i have ever seen. Spit and curst at me I have ever been treated like that in my entire life.Need her gone she creates a bad name for the lounge

  2. I love having lounge access at airports. It is a nice way to relax between flights and get a chance to get some food and sit in a comfy chair. I hate airport chairs they are almost as bad as the airline seats.

    • Oh god yes and only this week Ba announced skinnier seats with 29 inch seat pitch and no recline. Omg! Not flying economy with them again

  3. Short crisp nice review. The British Airway Gatwick Lounge looks quite impressive and relaxing. I like those tall chairs. And the best is you don’t hear children noises while lounging.

  4. I am really not familiar with lounges like this – but very cool catching a glimpse into your Gatwick experience! Spaciousness is absolutely key, especially in between crowded, cramped, and long flights!

  5. This sounds like a great lounge! I’m curious, what made the food area only have 4 stars instead of five? Was the flavor just not great? I just didn’t see what made it down a star in the review. I’m with you in hoping that may layovers are short though – I have one in Gatwick coming up this spring 😉

  6. Sounds like a very relaxing place to wait for your flight. Good to know that there are several entertainment for the kids (and that it’s soundproof) as restless children can be rowdy at times. Additionally, the plug sockets and desks for people who are working during their spare time is also a cool add-on for an airport lounge. 🙂

    • Yes there is nothing like screaming children to add to a stressful start to your journey!! I know if often can’t be helped but a nice touch.

  7. I love that your experience with this Gatwick lounge was that it was more spacious and stress free – I prefer more relaxed lounges, and we use British Airways as we have lounge access with OneWorld Alliance via Qantas. Appreciate the review 🙂

  8. It looks like a lounge where you can have your privacy as I don’t see many people in your photos. I had a couple of flights from Gatwick and the lounges I’ve spent my time with were overcrowded.

  9. Looks like just the place to relax between flights. I like the big leather seats.

  10. It’s a great lounge, and I really like how spacious it is and that it has a lot of different areas. I have found that the dining space is too small to cater for demand during meal hours, which is a little frustrating but otherwise really like it.

    • That I can imagine. It was quiet when we were there which made a nice change from the lounge sat Heathrow. It definitely felt more upmarket to me though

  11. Looks like a very cool designer lounge. I love those fuschia-colored chairs – could use them in my lounge room at home! Having access to this lounge would definitely make your whole journey more enjoyable. Nice one.

  12. This definitely looks like a nice spot! I especially like that they give you a separate area to work in.

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