Soar above the Sava Dolinka on a thrilling Zipline adventure in Lake Bled

My feet dangle hundreds of feet above the river valley. Far below, I see the swirling rivers raging through the valley, the rush of water audible even up here as I whoosh across the open expanse, whooping with delight. Clouds hang low in the valley, draping the nearby mountains in a veil of cotton wool, but it does nothing to dampen our spirits on our Zipline adventure in Lake Bled.

a person on a zip line over a forest
Ziplining across the Sava Zipline Dolinka (Source: Zipline Dolinka)

Zipline adventure in Lake Bled

Welcome to Zipline Dolinka, where adrenaline meets the awe-inspiring scenery of the Dolinka Valley. Nestled between the Karavanke Mountains and Julian Alps, the longest zipline in Europe is a must for thrill-seekers and nature lovers alike. If you want to experience breathtaking scenery around Lake Bled with a sky-high view, look no further. Just moments away from the idyllic lake, this adventure promises a few hours of unadulterated heart-thumping fun.

Where to meet

Our adventure begins at Zipline Dolinka’s office next to the Bled bus station. Here, we meet our guides, Drejc and Matic, and pick up our gear: full-body harnesses, helmets, and gloves. Laden with equipment, we board the bus for a short ride to the starting point above the Sava Dolinka River. The guides help us kit up and show us how to use the equipment. We tuck our waterproofs into the harness legs (sexy, I know!) and carry out a brief 20-meter test ride. Then, the real adventure begins!

climbing gear on a bench
Getting kitted our for your Ziplining adventure in Lake Bled (Source: Zipline Dolinka)

Our first canopy zipline

The first zipline is a short one above the canopy, stretching about 350 meters. It’s a perfect teaser, giving us a taste of what’s to come. As my guide releases me, I fly high above the canopy, marvelling at the breathtaking panoramas but nervously anticipating the brake signal. My eyes water as I whizz through the treetop canopy, barely seeing his hand signal (not helped by aging eyes, I must admit!), so I come to an abrupt halt as he yanks on the brake line.

a river running through a forest
Remarkable views on the Zipline Dolinka adventure (Source: Zipline Dolinka)

Six ziplines crossing the river

Apart from the first zipline, all the others straddle the Sava Dolinka River, each offering spectacular views of the valley below. As you zoom through the treetops, you catch glimpses of the river and its rapids snaking their way through lush forests and thriving wetlands. Steep valley walls descend dramatically to the rushing waters below, while picturesque alpine villages and ancient castles vie for your attention as you leave the cover of trees and soar high above the river.

Between each launch platform, you enjoy short forest trails providing even more enthralling views of the valley.

a person on a zipline over a river
Source: Zipline Dolinka

What to Expect from Zipline Dolinka

Zipline Dolinka boasts seven exhilarating zip lines, promising a spectacular journey through the protected area. They range in length from 350 meters to 700 meters, with the longest and fastest reaching speeds of up to 70 km/h. Lean back, cross your legs, and settle in for a rush as you zip over the forest.

The entire tour spans 4 kilometers and takes around 2.5 hours, as you stroll through forest trails and launch yourself from platform to platform. The final descent brings us back to earth, hearts racing and spirits soaring. Zipline Dolinka promises an unforgettable escapade, combining adrenaline-pumping rides with serene and picturesque views of the Dolinka Valley. If you’re ready for an adventure that will leave you breathless and yearning for more, book your trip now.

Want to know more?

For the latest prices, visit The Longest Zipline in Europe – Zipline Dolinka website

You can also get a feel for what to expect in the video below. Although this is not a sponsored post, thanks go to Zipline Dolinka for the kind use of their photos and videos.

Zipline Dolinka Bled from Milos on Vimeo.

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