How to Keep the Spirit of Travel Alive During the Covid Outbreak

The Coronavirus outbreak is a worldwide tragedy that impacts us all. With cases in 215 countries and territories (Source: Worldometers), over 6.6 million infections and 390,000 deaths globally, this pesky virus has brought life as we know it to a screeching halt (figures correct as at 4th June 2020).

Coronavirus travel interruptions
Coronavirus travel cancellations

For avid travellers worldwide, the outbreak caused many travel plans to be canned, and has left keen globetrotters unsure of when or if they will be able to travel in 2020. Threats of quarantine, embargoes on nationals from certain countries, and governments imposing travel bans on anything other than non essential travel are not good ingredients for the prospects of an overseas adventure.

However, just because we cannot travel does not mean that you have to abandon your love of travel. You can still feed your travel obsession virtually. So in today’s guest post from Geraldine Mills, here are 12 things you can try to feed your wanderlust.

Visit travel blogs for new ideas

Whilst a visit to a travel blog might leave you feeling even more desperate to jump on a flight, it can also inspire ideas for your next trip. You might discover a bunch of places that you had not previously considered.

Travel blogs can also give you a variety of travel-related tips. They can provide advice on how to manage carry on luggage or which airlines offer the best deals for check-in luggage.

plane flying over a tropical island
Be inspired by travel blogs

Tune in to travel podcasts

You could also consider tuning in to other travel-related media, such as travel podcasts, to feed your travel habit.

There are several great travel podcasts out there, each with different themes, but all share personal experiences. If you listen to travel podcasts you will soon be itching to travel again. The great thing about tuning into travel podcasts is that you can also multitask. You can listen to the podcast while doing your groceries or even in the shower. You can also listen when you are doing chores around the house.

Plan your next trip on Pinterest

Pinterest is not only inspiration for dinner parties or DIY arts and crafts. You can also use Pinterest as another source of information and inspiration for future travel plans.

You can create a mood board on Pinterest, collect images and other peoples’ pins and make a private board for your travel goals.

Pick up a travel-inspired book

There are plenty of travel-inspired books out there that you might want to read as a source of inspiration.

Travel books in front of a travel mural
Find inspiration from a range of travel books

An excellent travel book will help you to see the world from a different perspective. It will make you want to crawl every inch of the Earth.

A Moveable Feast is sure to inspire people who love to travel and eat. Speaking of food, culture and travel, you also can’t go wrong with the fantastic Anthony Bourdain. In particular, you should read his book Medium Raw: A Bloody Valentine to the World of Food and the People Who Cook

Binge-watch travel-themed films

If you are a more visual person, you might prefer to watch films that take place in beautiful locations throughout the world.

One film that will feed your wanderlust is a 2015 film starring Ben Stiller. The film The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (2015) takes place from Manhattan to Iceland. Through that journey, his character tries things he has been putting off, and learns more about himself. For an annual fee of just £79, Amazon Prime members can watch over 15,000 movies and TV episodes many of which have a travel theme. Membership offers a ton of other benefits too which you can find here.

Cook dishes from your favourite destinations

Food is one of the best ways you can enjoy different cultures. You might want to try cooking dishes from different places while you are at home. Or try your hand at creating one of the food sensations that have popped up recently, such as Dalgona Coffee from South Korea.

Mix up cocktails from around the world

In the same vein, you might want to try mixing your own cocktails and theme them from countries around the world.

Of course, you must learn to pace yourself. Don’t drink them all in one sitting.

A selection of cocktails on a bar
These look divine!

Take a virtual museum tour

Museums worldwide have set up virtual tours to allow you to get your museum fix. Some have even become part of the Google Arts & Culture project, so it’s a lot easier to access their virtual tours.

You should look into virtual museum tours if you want to see art pieces and historical from around the world without leaving home.

Tour the world via Google Earth

You might have done this before the outbreak, but don’t forget that you can tour the world via Google Earth.

You can even go on Street View to feel as immersed as possible and to bring the experience to life, use a Virtual Reality (VR) headset.

Learn a new language

If you already have a particular destination in mind, you should use this time to practice common phrases and words that you will use when you are there.

Enjoy listening to the music of other countries

Consider listening to music from other countries and expand your music taste. You can even go to Spotify and check out the top charts of each country.

a woman looking at holiday photos
Relive your favourite holidays

Relive your past travel adventures

Now is a great time to reminisce about the memories you made on your previous travels. You can root through your social media posts and enjoy the photos you took of the places you have been.

Who knows? You might find new ideas for other things to do in the places you’ve been before.

Over to You

The coronavirus outbreak may have paralyzed the world but it should not stop you from continuing to dream of travel.

Keep your travel spirit alive by adopting the tips above. In the meantime, stay safe at home but we would love to hear how you are keeping your travel bug alive.

Travel inspiration and plans
How do you plan to kickstart your travelling post coronavirus?

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