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Discover 6 Unique Things To Do In Tagaytay

One of my top read posts on the site is a DIY trip to Lake Taal in the Philippines. This incredible Lake is actually a volcanic crater encircled by a larger volcanic crater. It is utterly stunning and to get there you must pass through a little known city called Tagaytay. But, there is more to this town than the volcano. In today’s guest post from Angelo, he shares with you his tips for 6 unique things to do in Tagaytay

The Taal Volcano crater
The Taal Volcano crater

Most people simply pass straight through Tagaytay on their way to Lake Taal, but Angelo hopes to change that.

Angelo’s Six Unique Things to do in Tagaytay

Tagaytay,the Second Summer Capital of the Philippines is a small municipality in the province of Cavite that has year-round cool and misty weather. It has easily become a favorite weekend getaway spot because, aside from its cooler climate, it is only a 90 minute drive  from Manila (approximately)

If you plan to visit Tagaytay soon, here are 6 unique things to do in Tagaytay.

Explore Taal Lake

Who would even want to miss this? Taal Lake and its volcano are the most notable features of Tagaytay. Although these two are actually part of Batangas, the city of Tagaytay provides scenic views of the lake and volcano.

Explore both the lake and volcano by trekking, hiking, and riding a boat. You’ll find boatmen offering good deals of either a boat ride alone, or combined with hiking and trekking! This is an highly recommended hike for beginners as it will only take about an hour to reach the “peak.” Getting to and around Taal Lake and volcano is a must-do activity when you come visit Tagaytay. Trust me, the drive and the expenses are all going to be worth it.

Lake Taal
Lake Taal views

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Have A Picnic At The Picnic Grove

If you fancy something more relaxing, opt for a picnic at the Picnic Grove. You can still enjoy a view of Taal Lake and volcano, but with a much more chilled vibe.

Choose whether to set up mats or rent tables and chairs. Make sure you bring your lunch or afternoon snacks with you for a mouthwatering picnic feast. Picnic Grove also offers fun outdoor activities like trekking, cable cars, zip lines and ferris wheels, and horseback riding. They even have a mini zoo inside the premises! You won’t run out of fun things to do in just one venue!

Picnic Grove
Picnic Grove

Play Golf

Situated along one of Tagaytay’s ridges is Tagaytay Highlands, the first and best mountain resort in the country. Tagaytay Highlands is home to Asia’s most exciting golf course with 18 and 27-hole golf courses.There’s a host of obstacles to overcome, like man-made lakes, sandtraps, and dramatic elevations. It is the  first golf course in the country to offer Swiss cable car transport systems, to get from one course to another.

Playing golf has never been more fun and luxurious than at Tagaytay Highlands because of the scenic backdrop that is Taal Lake and volcano. However Tagaytay Highlands only allow members on the course. You can browse through their website for more information about their services, real estate properties, and membership deals.

Visit Skyranch

Who doesn’t love a good, old-fashioned amusement park? Visit Skyranch when you go to Tagaytay to feel like a kid again! If you want to get the  adrenaline-pumping,there are a lot of well-maintained rides! Select from roller coasters, ferris wheels, and some kiddie rides like pedaloes andgrand carousels. All these rides plus majestic views of Taal Lake and volcano.

Restaurants and fast-food chains are available in the area, so you don’t have to pack a lunch . Do take note though, Skyranch charges an entrance fee of Php50 plus  individual charges for each ride.

Go on A Food trip

Who says no to food? Tagaytay offers a smorgasbord of foods and cuisines. You can choose to start your day with a hearty, healthy breakfast at Sonya’s Garden or any other restaurant around town that serves fresh, organic salads and meals. Or, better yet, have Breakfast At Antonio’s (literally!) and order whatever you think will satisfy your stomach and heart!

Maybe try Tagaytay’s famous bulalo? Many restaurants within the area serve warm bowls of bulalo that will definitely make you want to keep coming back for more. You can try the bulalo they serve at The Mahogany Market to satisfy your craving and give you an ultimate bulalo fix.

For afternoon meals, you can try Tsokolateria for a cup of hot chocolate, or Bag of Beans for a well-brewed cup of coffee. Tagaytay is basically a gastronomic paradise with an assortment of foods,and delicacies.

Food from Lady Christine's Baby Back Ribs - Fora Tagaytay in Tagaytay City, Cavite
Food from Lady Christine’s Baby Back Ribs

People’s Park In The Sky

What once was a supposed presidential mansion awaiting the arrival and visit of a former US President is now a popular tourist destination.

The People’s Park or Palace In The Sky is the highest point in Tagaytay, overlooking the entire city and parts of Batangas. This place is adored for its ruins-like vibe, with odd, little footbridges, tables, chairs, gazeboes, and a strangely-placed life-sized pineapple. The best part is probably the high altitude that gives off even cooler weather, giving Filipinos and tourists alike a break from the sunny climate of Manila.

Palace in the Sky Tagaytay
Views of the Palace in the Sky

Wrapping Up

Tagaytay is a great weekend destination, especially if you want to do a lot of things in one location. You can also visit churches, buy fresh fruits and vegetables, flowers, go coffee shop hopping, and so much more. When you come to the Philippines, make sure you don’t leave Tagaytay out of the list!

Where to stay in Tagaytay

The Oriental Luxury Suites might be slightly over-exaggerating its description however this hotel has spectacular views of the lake and volcano, hence why I have included it. It is 3.5 star with an outdoor pool and has rooms from £196 on New Year Eve. The Summit Ridge Tagaytay is another option and is 4 star with an infinity pool. It also has amazing views of the lake. Rooms start at £154 for the same night.

About the Philippines

The Philippines is an archipelago located in Southeast Asia and is one of the most-visited countries in the region, mainly because of its geographic location. With over 7,641 beautiful islands, it is hard to know which cities, towns, or provinces to visit first! The Philippines is a tropical country; hence lots of tourists come to islands and beaches. But there is more to the Philippines than sun and sand, although those beaches are pretty stunning.

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  1. I loved Tagaytay it was so nice to find somewhere a little cooler than Manila. I did find the hotels a little expensive though.

  2. I think one of the main reason people travel there is because English is so well spoken and foreigners well received. It is also a very low cost destination.
    There are pockets of beauty in the Philippines but overall it is not an attractive destination in my experience.
    The food there is the worst in Asia in my opinion including the bulalo. I even travelled to Dagupan for the famous milk fish but found it inedible at a popular local restaurant.
    But if you do go to the Philippines I do find Cebu area to be one of the most desirable to visit.

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