How to Ski the Swiss Alps for Less Money?

Well folks, it is that time of year when many of you may be thinking of heading off on a last minute ski trip, and where better to head than the Swiss Alps? My first ever ski trip was to the glorious resort of Zermatt and boy was it amazing! 

Ski the Swiss Alps on a Budget?

For many however, trips to the Swiss Alps are seen as a luxury holiday. There are few experiences as refreshing and exciting as hitting the slopes during the day, or as comforting as spending the nights surrounded by roaring fires, great bars, luxury food and fantastic service, but this usually comes at a hefty price!

Such trips have rarely been affordable for those on a budget but this is beginning to change. Here’s how you can find yourself surrounded by the breath-taking beauty of the Alps, enjoying Swiss food and culture for less money.

Just follow these tips and you’ll find that luxury trip isn’t quite as likely to break the bank as you think.

DIY Skiing

Many people mistakenly believe that they need to book a package holiday to go skiing, when in fact it is often much better value to DIY your trip. Here’s how:

Source the cheapest transport

ski the swiss alps
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You’re going to have to consider transport options well in advance. Skyscanner can help you find the cheapest flights to any destination, and allows you to search for flights within any date range so finding the cheapest flight to those Swiss airports should be no trouble.

You could also consider the option of a ferry and driving yourself to your accommodation. You’ll want to check the public transport options available wherever you’re going, too. With these travel alternatives, the journey may take longer but cuts your costs dramatically, and allows you to see more of the passing countryside.

Search for hotel deals far in advance

Ski the swiss alps
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The hotels are usually the priciest part of any Swiss Alps trip. With some smart planning, you can enjoy all that luxury while taking advantage of great savings. Some luxury hotels in Switzerland are even starting to offer deals that allow you to book almost a year in advance!

Such deals can severely lower the price of your holiday and can often throw in tours and other bonuses such as discounted ski passes or lessons. If you don’t have passes included, you will certainly want to book these well in advance.

The ski lift is vital to your skiing experience, but you will find using it a lot more expensive if you try paying for it on the day. Passes get cheaper if you book for multiple days together and you can usually get deals online.

Don’t spend ridiculous amounts on insurance

Ski the swiss alps

This one’s specific for British and European travellers heading to Switzerland. Given the potential risk of skiing (which I can personally attest to given I ruptured my ACL and media ligament on a ski trip! Ouch!), insurance is a necessity for any trip to the Alps.

Without proper preparation, setting up temporary insurance can cost an absolute bomb. I personally would always recommend an annual policy if you plan to go overseas more than a few times each year.

If you apply well before your trip, you can get yourself a free European Health Insurance Card. This handy little card allows you access to state-provided healthcare in Switzerland for a reduced price. As well as covering injuries, it also covers pre-existing illnesses and any maternity care. You will still need travel insurance if you want to cover lost property and mountain rescue, but this card will make a sizeable contribution to your costs.

Hopefully, these quick tips have highlighted some ways you can have your luxury Swiss Alps skiing holiday without breaking the bank. You can also access this guide on enjoying your holiday for less. Just follow the advice of these travel experts and you’ll soon be enjoying the breath-taking views and incredible rushes of your dream Swiss ski trip.

What are your top money saving tips for skiing the Swiss Alps?

Please feel free to share any tips you may have for those wishing to ski the Swiss Alps. I am sure we have some experts among you. Just pop them in the comments box as we would love to hear from you.


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