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Discover Four Ways To See Vilnius From Above

Always on the hunt for new weekend destinations to visit, I was delighted to discover that Wizz Air now offer a perfect weekend getaway to the fairytale, UNESCO world heritage city of Vilnius. It’s one of the largest preserved medieval cities in Europe with crumbling baroque churches, restored palaces, impressive cathedrals and a wealth of bustling cobbles. It is stunning from below, but this is a city that invites you to climb.

Views of the old town of Vilnius
Views from Gediminas Castle

There’s a variety of ways to peer down on the spires of the old town, so come and discover four ways to see Vilnius from above. Here’s four options for every budget:

Gediminas Castle – FREE

Gediminas Castle towers above Cathedral Square, a stark reminder of the need to defend against Crusader attacks. Dating back to 1323, you can visit the museum in the tower (adults: €2, students and children; €1) which displays models of Vilnius castles through the ages. I am much more interested, however in gazing in wonder on the breathtaking rooftops, spires and domes of the city.

View from Gediminas castle
Peering down on the old town of Vilnius

Take the ancient, cobbled path that winds its way up the hillside and emerge onto the castle plateau. You can see both the old and the new cities, the river and TV tower. It’s pretty spectacular and blissfully FREE.

Vilnius Cathedral Bell Tower – Budget

This may not be a climb for the faint-hearted. At one point, I thought I was going to have a panic attack clambering up the rickety stairs, with creaking joints, sagging steps and crumbling woodwork. The effort is rewarded however, as you plant a relieved foot on the wooden balustrade topping the belfry. From here, you can enjoy 360 views of the city and admire the cathedral from a breathtaking viewpoint.

Vilnius Bell tower
Jason in the bell tower

The Vilnius Cathedral Bell Tower costs €4.50 for adults and €2.50 for children and students

views from the bell tower
Gediminas castle from bell tower

Vilnius TV Tower – Medium Budget

The Vilnius TV Tower was the backdrop for the bloody events of January 1991. Fourteen people were killed, and hundreds injured when Soviets, attempting to occupy the tower, met local resistance. Tanks shot and mowed down civilians and the location now houses a memorial to those who died and a museum recounting the struggle for freedom. The museum is free to enter but there is a charge for the trip to the top.

If you wish to take in wonderful views of Vilnius, from the tallest building (326.5 m) in Lithuania, a ticket will set you back €9 at weekends, €6 for students and €4 for children over 5. You can also visit “Paukščių takas“ restaurant, and dine while enjoying far-reaching views of Vilnius and beyond.

Hot Air Balloon Rides – High end budget

Floating up into the skies in a hot air balloon is an experience like no other. Admiring views of countryside and wildlife from the serenity of a balloon basket, before lurching to the ground is an exhilerating experience. Sadly, we missed out in Vilnius, as the weather was not kind to us. I dare you to resist after watching this video though!

If you have the budget, I would highly recommend you splash the cash, as this is an adventure you will never forget. Rides start from €99, so whilst at the high end of the scale, this is a fantastic price for a hot air balloon ride. In the UK, the price would be double so take advantage.

So there, you have it – four ways to see Vilnius from above that will not break the bank.

There are also a ton of instagrammable places to see from street level in Vilnius.

Getting to Vilnius

If you are feeling inspired to visit, check out flights with Wizz Air. This is my third flight with the airline in less than twelve months and I have fallen in love with this budget airline. They have a fabulous selection of routes, to new and upcoming cities in Eastern Europe, from Doncaster Sheffield Airport and other UK airports.

My previous flights were to Cluj Napoca in Romania and Ohrid in Macedonia, both hidden gems which I would highly recommend. You can also discover how I managed to book this entire weekend for just £6.87 here.

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Perhaps you have visited Vilnius, and have your own ideas on the best ways to see the city. Feel free to share them in case there are any vertigo sufferers reading!


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  1. What an idyllic place Vilnius seems to be! I would definitely try the hot air baloon experience… although I would be a little anxious of the height, but hey that’s all part of the fun I guess?!

  2. I love seeing places from the above. I have been to Vilnius many times and have looked to the city from the Gedimina castle and TV tower. Meaning there are other options left for me for future expiration. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I have a friend who just moved to Vilnius and have heard such great things! I guess I know where I have to go. Good to know that Wizz flies there. Good airline

  4. I never heard of Vilnius before and it looks like a beautiful and interesting place to visit. Thank you for sharing, and great tips if you want to see Vilnius from above. I think I would like the bell Tower the most 🙂

  5. What impressed us about this place is the fact that the structures are very well preserved. Not only that, it’s an entire city! For us, that is how preservation efforts should work, not altering the structures to make them more modern and touristy.

  6. Wow, I didn’t know that Vilnius owns the largest medieval cities in Europe and also a home of UNESCO world heritage site. Truly, the photos speaks so much about the place. I like how you have written the whole article as it genuinely rhyme to your photos. i can’t wait to visit this place soon If I get the chance. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

  7. I love exploring history and love Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, and classical styles of architecture. Unfortunately it’s not a weekend trip, but a 20+ hour flight. I love the budget tips on exploring. Wouldn’t rule out another trip to Europe and passing by as well.

  8. Sandy N Vyjay

    Vilnius looks so enchanting. Its churches and other building embody the old world charm of a typical European town. These are some great suggestions for a 360 degree view of the place from above. I would love to go up on a balloon and hover over this beautiful town.

  9. I have never heard of Wizz Air before. I need to check them out and see what deals they have! I like how you broke them up by budget. The climb and bell tower would be my preference partly because I like a little physical activity to my trips. It adds to the experience and like you said, you effort has a reward =)

  10. Traversing around the Baltics are at the top of my list, as is seeing as many UNESCO world heritage sites as I possibly can! And those are the cheapest hot air balloons I’ve ever seen! In Myanmar, one hour is $300 USD! Crazy right?!? Just an fyi for readers: I had no idea that Vilinius was in Luthuania save for a tiny little mention of the country but it’s the first bit of information I always look for in travel related posts! Maybe make the country a bit more prominent in future posts? 😉

    • Thanks for the tip. I’ve often thought that about other posts too so it’s a good shout. Know what you mean about the balloon flight cost in Myanmar. I wanted to do that one but thought it was ridiculously priced. We didn’t even pay that in the UK when we did ours

  11. I think I would be too scared to be on a hot air balloon. I would love to visit Vilnius and see it from above. I would definitely check out Gediminas castle. Thank you for the great suggestions. ☺

  12. I love the way you classify things by budget. That’s a great tool! I would definitely visit the castle – free is my favorite kind of budget. I would love to do a hot air balloon ride, but I have to wait until I have a high end budget. Ha!

  13. The hot air balloon ride must be a fantastic experience! I watched the video and wished that I could go to Vilnius soon. I know that this is an expensive thing to do in Vilnius so I will prefer to do the other options.

  14. I am a sucker for history and I have heard Vilnius before ! But this blog post tells me why Vilnius holds so much value! Bell tower looks like a perfect place for the not so faint hearted people! The blog post gives a in depth glimpse of the medieval Europe. Fascinating and incredible!

  15. I would love to visit one of the largest medieval cities in Europe!!! I love exploring these type of places and think about how it must have been for the people of these cities back in that time. I wish I wasn’t afraid of heights because the hot air balloon sounds incredible.

  16. I now have another place to add to my must visit list. I love UNESCO sites and I love castles even more. I cannot believe this place meets both those criteria. I am thrilled you presented activities for every budget. Need to save up so I can do them all including the air balloon ride.

  17. This is an original way to discover a place, from another perspective 🙂 Gediminas Castle is something I’d like to visit and the price is so low. You have inspired me 🙂

  18. Bravo on givingtips on various financial capability. Not lots of people do that. And looks amazing too!

  19. I would have had a panic attack at Vilnius Cathedral Bell Tower! Especially if the bell had rung while I was climbing those stairs. A hot air balloon sounds like an amazing way to see Vilnius!

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