How to Save Money on Your Luxury Honeymoon

Congratulations, you are getting married

Awesome, you have done the deed and accepted a proposal (or phew you asked and she or he said yes!! Big relief, right?). You’ve planned the wedding, bought the wedding outfits, booked a venue, picked your flowers and agonised over your choice of colours (why is that decision so difficult?)

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Planning the honeymoon

Now it’s time to plan the honeymoon (or indeed you may even be considering getting married abroad) and for some this can be a stressful task. Not everyone enjoys hunting through brochures or searching online for a dream honeymoon destination. There’s a lot of pressure on you to deliver the most amazing trip of a lifetime, one you will remember forever but luxury travel doesn’t come cheap.

Most people will simply run to the local travel agent and ask them to put together a honeymoon package but there is another way….one which will save you tons of money and allow you to indulge in some incredible hotels in the best honeymoon destinations around the world.

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Personal honeymoon consultation

This is where I come in. For just £99, you can take advantage of a personalised honeymoon consultation saving you hundreds, if not thousands of pounds in comparison to the travel agent’s quote.

Just answer a few questions and provide a sample quote (or outline of what you would like to achieve) and you can delegate the stress of researching the perfect honeymoon.

What’s in it for you?

In return, I will prepare a proposal which will include flight and hotel suggestions set out in an easy to follow format. For each honeymoon item you will receive two suggestions to select from and they will definitely be honeymoon worthy.

I recently helped out a couple planning their honeymoon and saved them almost a £1,000 off their planned honeymoon, but more importantly, I helped them find hotels that were really ‘wow’! Who wants average on their honeymoon?

I was pretty disappointed by what they had been quoted by the agent as there was simply nothing in there that jumped out at me as being truly amazing and I was determined to find them something incredible.

You will still have to go ahead and make the bookings yourself but don’t worry, I will provide direct links through to the relevant sites so all you have to do is make your choice from the two options and go ahead and book. You can even earn free hotel nights in the process.

planning a honeymoon
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Money back guarantee

So confident am I that I can save you money that if I don’t save you more than the cost of the consultation for the same or better flights and hotels, then I will refund your money*.

How can I be this confident?

Simple! A DIY trip costs considerably less than a package holiday as I am not adding a large percentage to the cost of your trip. I am simply covering the cost of my time to do the research on your behalf and then earning a very small commission on the hotels you book (this commission does not increase the cost of your booking by the way!)

What’s more, if you have plenty of time to save for your honeymoon, then you may wish to sign up for regular emails showing you how to fly business for less than economy. You will bag yourself a FREE first chapter of my guide ‘How to Rocket Fuel Your Airmiles’ too. That way you could really start off your honeymoon in style or even bag a bunch of free hotel nights (I provide tips for that in regular posts too!).

So what you waiting for? Go ahead and book your personal consultation now.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Click on the buy now button and make payment

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  2. Then complete this Google form to let me know what you are looking for
  3. If you already have a quote, please email it to me at as this will give me a great foundation from which to work and this forms the basis of the money back guarantee.

Want to start your honeymoon in style?

If you want to start your honeymoon in style by flying business class for less than economy, then download my free E-Book showing you how to get started with building an airline reward balance which can help you on your way.

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*Please note this guarantee only applies if you supply a quote upfront for an honeymoon package.

What is your favourite romantic destination?

Finally, for those love bugs out there, I would love to know where you got married or went on honeymoon. Feel free to share below and maybe you will inspire a future honeymooner (or blog post!)

This post may contain affiliate links which pay me a small commission should you click on them and make a purchase. Creating blog content takes up a lot of time including researching, fact checking, editing and more and for very little reward. It would be great therefore if you could use these links if anything catches your fancy. These small commissions help towards the cost of running the site, and the occasional glass of wine.
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  1. Incredible, there’s some great tips here I’ll be taking on board. A honeymoon is definitely a once in a lifetime trip and should be magical and affordable. I’ve actually been looking for some places to visit on our honeymoon as I’m getting married next year and Africa is a potential stop. I’ve been looking at this Luxury Honeymoon and exotic holidays website called and they specialise in luxury hotels, including those in Africa. I’d even love to try Bora Bora but it might be a bit out of our price range. Thanks for some honeymoon inspo – greatly appreciated.

    • Ooh congratulations on your engagement Evie. Planning a wedding is so exciting! There’s so many amazing places that you could visit although how easy it is to do so depends on where you are based. I went to the Maldives and Oman on mine and loved the combination of culture and romance. I also think Indonesia is massively under rated and I’m sure Bora Bora would be amazing but I do find the South Pacific expensive compared to say Thailand or Indonesia. Africa would be fab too. I’m heading out to an awesome place in Tanzania next month so can keep you posted on that place if you are interested!

  2. Congrats! Loved reading this, thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. Great for people planning their honeymoon. So many expenses for the wedding that it would be nice to save a bit 🙂

  4. So awesome! My honeymoon destination would be a cruise anywhere in Europe! Great post, thanks for sharing.

    • Ooh I’ve only cruised around the Caribbean but think a cruise around the Norwegian fjords or Greece might be pretty special!

  5. Sounds like a great deal! A honeymoon is definitely a trip that should be a ‘wow’ trip and even better when it’s affordable! I personally love the planning and researching of trips, but I know a ton of people who hate that part and this would be perfect for them! We went to Hawaii on our honeymoon and had a fantastic time!

  6. This is a really great deal that I assume would take a lot of stress out of the honeymoon research and planning stages. Don’t know where I want to go on my honeymoon yet, but my boyfriend and I have been talking about somewhere like Greenland or Antarctica. It would be an excuse to travel to a VERY expensive part of the world without feeling bad about spending so much money!

    • Ooh how exciting. I would love to go to Antartica. If you need help figuring our ways to build an airline Balance that you can convert into business class flights just give me a shout. Best way to start off an honeymoon!

    • Yeah I’m the same. Love the planning but I too have friends who hate it and would rather someone else did it!

  7. Researching honeymoon destinations sound like a fun way to help couples, especially if you can thousands of dollars! I’m curious to know…what’s the most popular honeymoon destination?

  8. Lesley Carter

    My favorite romantic destination in Fiji, especially Castaway Island. There was another private island that I loved as well but I can’t remember the name. It had tree-top cabins and one of the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever seen. Heaven!

  9. I really hope I will need your services one day soon! hahaha but not yet now. But you do have lovely photos!

  10. It’s always nice to save some money when travelling! My husband and I were married in the Valley of Fire outside of Las Vegas and took our honeymoon a year later to Oahu, Hawaii. Since then we have taken a year anniversary trip to different places around the world! <3

    • I know someone else who got married there and it looked gorgeous. Would love to see a photo of that! Not sure whether you mean you took an anniversary trip that lasted a year or you go every year but either way that’s cool. My husband and I also try to time our ski trips with our wedding anniversary.

  11. This is an excellent offering – we’ve seen a similar one in India and were really inspired. I’m now just waiting for Sebastien to give me the ring…you deal with gay honeymoons too?

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