Enjoy an intimate encounter with nature kayaking in Cancun’s Mangroves

Cancun, often synonymous with bustling nightlife and tourist crowds, conceals a natural gem. Just a stone’s throw from Cancun’s vibrant heart are the mesmerizing mangroves. This lesser-known sanctuary harbors a thriving ecosystem. It teems with marine life and offers a tranquil escape from the city’s frenetic pace. Come join us kayaking in Cancun’s mangroves and discover this wildlife haven just minutes from the bustle of the Hotel Zone.

Sunset in the Hotel Zone of Cancun
Sunset in the Hotel Zone of Cancun

Kayaking in Cancun’s peaceful mangroves

As the sun begins to dip below the horizon, we embark on a kayaking adventure through the serene channels of the Cancun mangroves. The brackish water glistens as our paddles glide through the water. They gently caress the sea grass, creating ripples that dance in the fading light.

Our guide leads us to a sheltered bay where a spectacle awaits. Hundreds of ethereal jellyfish bob in the water. We admire their iridescent hues that contrast with their translucent bodies. Oscar, our guide, assures us they do sting so it is best to stay within the kayak.

In another secluded nook, deep within the mangroves, we discover miniature orange starfish, a testament to the hidden wonders that thrive here. Although we discover that the mangroves are home to snakes and crocodiles, thankfully we do not encounter any.

Just weeks before, bull sharks were spotted in the lagoon. Visitors can also see monkeys, a variety of birds, and turtles. The mangroves highlight the delicate balance between civilization and the wild, a reminder that nature often thrives where we least expect it.

The mangroves of Cancun, Mexico
The mangroves of Cancun, Mexico

The outlook for Cancun’s mangroves

Despite the diverse creatures that inhabit Cancun’s mangroves, their future is uncertain. Despite being protected, locals and visitors frequently flout the rules. Boats carelessly tear through narrow channels, their music drowning out the whisper of the trees. It’s a stark reminder of the need for awareness and conservation.

The channels of Cancun's mangroves
The channels of Cancun’s mangroves and the lagoon beyond

A dance with danger: Seeking the serpent’s Gaze

For me, the highlight of this journey lies in navigating the narrow shallows, our paddles rhythmically brushing against the gnarled branches. We crouch to evade the overhanging limbs, my eyes darting, ever watchful for a glimpse of a slithering serpent. Kayaking in Cancun’s mangroves is truly a trip on the wild side. It is a true testament to the untamed nature that resides just beyond the city.

Marvelling at the serenity of the mangroves so close to Cancun
Marvelling at the serenity of the mangroves so close to Cancun (Photo courtesy of Go Kayak Cancun)

Beneath the tangled canopy, we pause to savor a snack of nuts, basking in the dappled sunlight that filters through the interwoven branches. It’s a moment of serenity, a communion with the wild, and a reminder of the magnitude of nature’s pulse.


Cancun’s mangroves are more than a sanctuary; they exemplify the resilience of nature in the face of urbanization. As we paddle back, the fading light casts a golden glow on the water and we admire the onset of sunset. We leave with a newfound appreciation for the delicate balance between mankind and the wild, and pledge to protect these hidden treasures for future generations.

Paddling through the kayaks at sunset in Cancun
Paddling through the kayaks at sunset in Cancun (Photo courtesy of Go Kayak Cancun)

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