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Review Of The Super Practical K Camera Shoulder Strap

Do you ever get fed up of your camera swinging around your head on a neck strap? Or, fed up of carrying your camera in your hand? Or, even endlessly repacking and unpacking it from its case? I shared all of these frustrations, especially as a travel blogger with a constant need for photos. However, I’ve finally found the solution with the K Camera Shoulder strap, available from Amazon.

Introducing the K Camera Shoulder Strap

I met Larch from The Silver Nomad on a recent press trip (find out more about that trip to Brussels here) and was somewhat envious of her practical camera shoulder strap. It looked ridiculously comfortable and easy to use, compared to the alternatives above. I was quick to ask her where she got it from, at which point she kindly offered to comp me a camera shoulder strap in exchange for a review.

All opinions are however unedited and honest as always.

items which make up the camera shoulder strap
Camera Shoulder Strap items

Setting up the strap

I’m renowned for not being great with practical instructions. However, this strap is unbelievably easy to set up. Simply take the plate and screw it into the tripod slot underneath your phone. (The device is designed so that you can still attach a tripod without having to remove the strap, which I thought was particularly genius.)

Attaching the camera shoulder strap
Attaching the plate to the camera – stage one
screwing the plate onto the camera shoulder strap
Screwing the plate into place

Then take the shoulder strap and hook it into the hole on the plate under the camera. Lastly, turn the grooved circular piece until it locks into place securing the strap firmly. You are now good to go!

hooking the strap onto the plate of the camera shoulder strap
Attaching the shoulder strap – stage three

Wearing the strap

I will confess it took me a while to figure out how best to wear the strap, and I even needed to check in with Larch for her advice. (You will probably think I’m seriously dumb when you buy one, as it isn’t that difficult, but I did warn you. I’m far from a practical genius). Note, the Amazon site does clearly explain how to wear the strap also!!

Both Larch and I wear the shoulder strap over the head and one shoulder so it sits cross chest. You can see the position in the photo below. The strap is cushioned to ensure that it is not digging into your shoulder. Unlike, wearing a strap around the neck, I found it super comfortable and it is adjustable. You simply use the little toggle to tighten or loosen the strap, so you can find the best fit for you.

In front of Pike place market, Seattle
Wearing the camera shoulder strap

A tiny annoyance

Initially, I attached the shoulder strap and left the neck strap attached. Frankly, it was a nuisance, as the two straps were getting tangled. I recommend that you remove any other straps you have attached to the camera. Once I did, the strap worked like a dream.


Unlike neck straps, it doesn’t swing perilously and better yet, you can easily take photos without removing it from around your neck. There may be occasions when you need to remove it to get the perfect angle, but I estimate that this was no more than 10% of the time.

Need to know

The fabric is water-resistant neoprene with a sponge shoulder pad. It is 33cm long, 8cm wide and 0.9 cm in thick. The material is good quality and sturdy, and there is a discrete card pouch tucked away on the strap.


To get your camera strap, visit Amazon. Each strap costs £9.50 and delivery is free within the UK. Honestly, this strap is an absolute steal at that cost. Even in one short trip, I already feel liberated from the constant battle with swinging cameras and camera cases.

Disclosure: please note that this post contains affiliate links to the shoulder camera strap.

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  1. A photog buff form the USA

    Your affiliate shortcut link goes to Amazon UK 🙁 For readers in the US, Amazon has these straps available under several ASINs in the $10-$12 USD range. I found item numbers B07H1DRYS7 or B076WMR87T or B07CPQ2VP6 on the first page of my search results, with Prime delivery, possibly others listed further down the results list.

    (Full disclosure: I am not affiliated with this product nor any of its suppliers/sellers, but did order one to test for my own use after reading the reviews.)

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