How To Earn Tons More IHG Rewards For More Free Nights

Accelerate towards free hotel nights

The Accelerate offer is back. In 2017, I have earned an additional 83,900 from participating in Accelerate offers. Sadly, since I’ve moved companies, my bonus earnings have plummeted. I thus need all the help I can get to earn more IHG rewards and enjoy more free hotel nights.

Rocket launching
Sky rocket your IHG points balance

Personalised offer

Here are the details of my offer, but you will need to log into your account to see if you are eligible. You will then be able to see the details of your personalised offer showing you how many IHG reward points you will earn for each activity.

Activity required IHG Bonus points awarded Deadline for activity completion
Stay once 1,500 30th April 2018
Stay ten nights 15,000 30th April 2018
Download the app and book six stays 7,200 30th April 2018
Stay for the weekend 4,000 30th April 2018
Stay 3 nights outside of your home country 14,400 30th April 2018
Book two Bonus Points Packages 2,800 30th April 2018
Book and pay for a stay using your IHG credit card 1,500 30th April 2018
Complete six of the seven activities 16,000 30th April 2018
Refer a friend 5,000 30th April 2018
Stay once in January 1,500 31st January 2018

How could I benefit from this offer?

If I complete all of these activities, I will earn 68,900 IHG rewards, which is enough to cover the cost of 6 nights in a category one hotel, or a few nights in a category five.

Hotel category  Points
 Category 1  10,000
 Category 2  15,000
Category 3  20,000
Category 4 25,000
Category 5  30,000
Category 6 35,000
Category 7 40,000
Category 8 45,000
Category 9 50,000

I could even return to the Crowne Plaza in Berlin for three nights. Now that is not bad going!

Earn points at Crowne Plaza
Crowne Plaza, Potsdamer Platz, Berlin

Have your say

Are you a IHG reward member? How does your personalised offer compare?

By the way, does anyone else wonder if these are a little like your ‘steps’ target? The more you walk, the greater the number of steps you are supposed to do to achieve your daily goal? It’s just that my offers seem to have been getting progressively harder to achieve. I wonder if anyone else has had this experience.

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  1. I really really start utilizing all the airline, hotel, credit card awards points this year!! Such a great article and hope you can meet your goal!! If I stay at one that qualifies then I’ll make sure I do this!

  2. That does seem like a good scheme. I should check if there is something in this side of the world- Asia to be specific. Thanks for the heads up for I wouldnot have known otherwise.

  3. I have never heard of IHG before and it is interesting and something I might get into! Who doesnt want have free hotel nights! But to be honest I am very bad on collecting points but with IHG it might be different! I have to check it out.

  4. What does IHG stand for? I’m not a member and don’t really know much about it. Sounds like it could be useful if you do a lot of traveling though. Thanks.

  5. The IHG reward scheme sounds like an interesting and useful idea. I must have come across something like this but IHG offers are way too alluring. I can imagine what luxury I’ll have with 68,900 reward points or how many nights a traveler will be saved. Every budget traveler needs this. Thanks for the post.

  6. I’m an existing IHG member, but honestly, I don’t use it enough unfortunately to reap any of these benefits. However, saying that, I should definitely re-think it, as there are some great points rewards here. I totally agree that they’ll make it harder for you to reach the next level, it’s a business after all.

  7. I’m not an IHG user, I guess it’s something that I should look into!

  8. That is an informative post! This is something which I think probably I need to focus more on!

  9. If you had mentioned Accelerate in the title I would have saved a click. and some time My offer sucks. I’ll do one night to get about 5K points then they won’t see me again for a paid stay until I get more encouragement.

    • Hi Carl, have you never had a decent offer as I have had some great results with this? That said, my last offer was nowhere near as realistic.

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