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How To Tame A Yak On Everest Base Camp Trek Day Ten

Yak attack

Daisy and Kat cautiously inch their way up the dusty Himalayan track, nervously eying the yak which has taken a sudden interest in them. Roused from munching happily on the grass verge above by the sound of chattering voices it is now stalking them. It plods slowly up the hillside keeping pace with them.

Stalked by a yak
Daisy and Kat v the yak

Its bell jingles melodically disguising its potential for harm with its huge muscular girth and fearsome horns. Our yak fun continues on our Everest Base Camp trek day ten.

Everest Base Camp trek day ten

Rogue yaks

This is just one of the many rogue yaks we have passed on the mountainside today. It seems the yaks are on strike! There is a group lumbering awkwardly through the heather on the steep hillside. Others randomly roam the trail or hide in the forest lining the track.

rogue yaks
a wandering yak

It seems our fascination for these animals knows no bounds. They can however be a little worrying. When a pack of 8 – 10 lurch awkwardly towards us bearing gas bottles, expedition bags and all host of paraphernalia on their backs it can be a little daunting. Occasionally they need a little nudge to prevent their horns spearing you, but otherwise they are pretty harmless (or so we think). I definitely experience a few hair-raising moments in their presence.

It seems they may be just as nervous of us however as earlier in the day we had disturbed two baby yaks grazing. In our enthusiasm to capture them on film we scared the bejeesus out of them! Maybe this huge yak is mummy yak coming to eek revenge!

Yaks carrying their wares
Yaks carrying supplies

Pet yak

It later turns out that, in fact, Kat and Daisy had decided that the yak (Fred, apparently) was to be their new pet. When the first yak gave up the ghost and stopped following them, they weren’t impressed. They later befriended another yak (Jeff) with the same goal. Sadly, this isn’t a Disney story with a happy ending and that yak soon got bored too.

Just part of the trekking experience in the Himalayas. So many little amusing moments that we will look back on with smiles in years to come.

Yaks getting dagerously close to the edge
Yaks getting dagerously close to the edge

Celebrations in Namche

By the end of the day, we have descended a further 1,000 metres and I feel reborn. It is strange how on the way up I felt terrible at this altitude. Having been so much higher now, this altitude feels so pleasant. I even feel ready for a beer! My first drink in ten days could be entertaining.

Ironically, we head to the Hungry Yak in Namche in the evening and actually stay up beyond 9pm for a change!! Let me tell you, an Everest Base Camp trek is not the place to indulge your party animal instincts!!

a curious yak
A curious yak

Yak shopping

For those who wish to have a souvenir of their yak adventures, sadly a pet is not a real possibility. However, you can purchase yak hats, blankets and shawls to bring back to the UK. They are super soft and fluffy and will keep your memories of yak fresh for a long time. Thankfully, they smell somewhat better than the yak poo we had to avoid on a daily basis during our trek too.

Fast facts:

Pherice (4,410m) to Namche Bazaar (3,343)

Distance travelled:

20 km

Trekking time:

10 hours

Overnight digs:

Back to the wonderful Sherpaland Hotel with en-suite bathrooms, electricity, free wi-fi and comfortable rooms.

Day ten route

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