How To Earn a Club Class Reward From Your weekend in Europe

Kaligo are currently running some eye watering offers to European destinations which could bag you enough AVIOS rewards for a Club Class Reward flight. Yes, just one measly weekend away could fund the flights for your next European getaway.

Southern Albania, Gjirokastra
visit the whitewashed houses of Gjirokastra in Albania

Kaligo Weekend offers

Here’s just some of the offers I found on Kaligo. Beware, offers change all the time, so by the time you read this, you likely will not be able to get the exact same deals. But, be prepared to be patient, and I am certain you can find a great deal.


The Best Western Amedia Berlin Kurfuerstendamm offers 31,600 points for a three night stay in January at a cost of £527 per night.

a screenshot of a hotel

Or, you can book the Hotel Adkin Kempinski for 12,800 avios and £249 a night.


In Moscow, you can book the Hotel National Moscow, costing £222 per night and rewarding you with 13,400 AVIOS for 3 nights.

Book Moscow hotels with Kaligo
Book Moscow hotels with Kaligo

There’s plenty to choose from – you just need enough patience to find a tempting deal.

How much do I need for a AVIOS reward flight?

Now, as you may be aware, we tortured folks in the UK have to pay taxes and fees on our reward flights. These are a flat £35 for economy class and £50 for business. There’s literally no such thing as a free travel hacking flight in the UK! Arguably, you can often book budget tickets on Ryanair or WizzAir for that price, so my top tip is to use the reward flight to go somewhere not on the budget airline route.

For instance, Dubrovnik is always super popular, so paying just £35 including a cabin bag would be a steal. Tirana is another favourite for me. Yet to appear on the mass tourism radar, Albania is puffing its chest. It has gorgeous scenery, pumping nightlife and culture in abundance to tempt you.

Use your reward flight with a companion ticket to get two for the price of one, although beware you would probably be better saving your voucher for long haul redemptions.

Dubrovnik, Croatia
Old town of Dubrovnik

How do I get the best Kaligo deals?

The easiest way is to register for an account and sign up for the Kaligo newsletter. Otherwise, you have to trawl through destinations, seeking a great deal, which can be a little painful. I heard about most of these offers on email, but it didn’t take long for me to find the motherload in that Prague offer.

Book Hotels with Kaligo

How do I find out more about Kaligo?

If you are unfamiliar with Kaligo, check out this post. The company allows you to earn airmiles from a variety of partners, in exchange for booking through their site. Some of the deals are crazy good. You will need to register and select your preferred airline at the outset.

Be sure to use the big pink button above to earn an additional 1,000 points on your first booking.

How do I redeem my points for reward flights?

Once you have stayed at the properties you have booked, your points will automatically be transferred to your AVIOS account. Note also that there are other airline programmes you can connect to, so you do not have to convert points to AVIOS. When you have enough AVIOS to redeem for a reward flight, check out these posts which reveal how I have redeemed flights using AVIOS.

First class flights to Beijing

Weekend in Monaco

Skiing in South Korea

Skiing in Yongpyong
Yongpyong ski resort

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  1. Alas, I’m not Euro based but this sounds like an amazing deal. I can’t think of any airline that doesn’t charge at least the taxes when booking a rewards flight. I know I paid them for Air France when flying around Europe. It sucks but we can’t avoid taxes no matter where we go.

  2. I’ve never heard of Kaligo, but it’s good to know that they’re making these awesome offers! We’ve flown with British Airways a couple of times, so I once redeemed my Avios to get a (half) free flight, I never quite understood why I still had to pay something for my flight, but now I know that it’s due to the flat £35 taxes and fees for reward flights!

    • Yes it definitely sucks that our taxes can be quite high. Of course, those same points can be used to redeem for American Airlines in the States and only US taxes then apply. I may well use some of mine that way to feel like I get a really awesome deal!

  3. Thank you for introducing me to the world of Kaligo! I am so not an expert in this realm of travel but I can definitely see how its rewards certainly pay off! If it can land me a free weekend abroad . . . totally worth signing up for the newsletter!!! 🙂 Thanks!

  4. Excellent offers. Hope such offers are available when I plan my own Eurotrip. Thansk for introducing me to this new service. I guess Europe is not as expensive as I thought. It just needs the right tools and right planning.

  5. I should start exploring these options too. I’ve never looked at programs that allow you to collect points for hotel stays mostly because I never book any particular brands, I just find the cheapest bnbs sometimes and go for it. But I can see that if you start looking into it, there are ample options to save money. Thanks for this tip, will explore it.

  6. Thanks for sharing this tip — as I never tried Kaligo before. Will have to check it out! I didn’t know you had to pay for reward flights in the UK — that’s a bummer. But yes, I agree that if you’re using your points, might as well choose something more than the budget airlines.

  7. I am quite unfamiliar with this and definitely need to look into it. It sure seems like a steal. Thanks for that tip on seeing if you can do the deal with a companion . Will definitely ensure that I am the companion.

  8. Megan Jerrard

    That’s awesome that one weekend is enough to fund a long haul flight! Thanks for sharing these finds. Didn’t realize that the UK has to pay taxes on reward flights, but as you said, just have to keep that in mind and make sure the flight is worth it. Thanks for the heads up on Kaligo newsletter – I would prefer to have deal alerts come straight to my inbox than try to trawl through info myself. Signing up for an account 🙂

  9. I never knew anything about this until I read your post. Who wouldn’t want a free weekend trip in Europe?! Looks like a great reward program <3

  10. Cool recommendation! I’m not entirely familiar with Kaligo, but it sounds very practical and very cost efficient! Signing up for the newsletter is definitely a good way to get the best deals! 🙂

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