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Is A Cape Town Sunset Cruise The Best Way To End The Day?

Cape Town sunset cruise

A great way to end an evening in Cape Town is to jump onboard a catamaran and head out to sea. As you watch the sun setting on the horizon, you can take in stunning views of table mountain and Cape Town, whilst enjoying a few glasses of sparkling wine. Seeing the city on a Cape Town sunset cruise allows you to savour the dramatic coastline. From the towering peaks of Table Mountain, Signal Hill and Devil’s Peak, to the splendid hulk of the 2010 World Cup stadium, this is a trip not to miss.

Table Mountain from the catamaran
Table Mountain from the catamaran

Sunset cruise briefing

We board our catamaran from the V & A waterfront, and start with a briefing from Faiz. Throughout the trip, he entertains us with his witty insight into differences between UK and South African English. Roundabouts in South Africa are known as circles, whilst traffic lights are robots. A barbecue is a brai and the local fish is snoek.

Leaving the harbour of the Victoria and Albert in Cape Town
Leaving the harbour of the Victoria and Albert in Cape Town
The Victoria and Albert waterfront tower
The Victoria and Albert waterfront tower

He gives us our first insights into South African culture which we soak up with glee.

Enjoying the sunset

From the galley, open windows call us to the nets. John and I giddily attempt to pose for photos, laughing raucously at our futile attempts to stay upright. Instead we face plant awkwardly into the netting, but it’s all part of the fun.

People on a catamaran at sunset
John and I acting like idiots Source: Michala Thomas

Views of Cape Town

From the sea, we trace the coast from the waterfront past Green Point and past the beaches of SeaPoint and Clifton. The views are utterly stunning and even though the skies are far from clear, the canvas is dramatic and moody.

We sip on our champagne as the sun sets and the water slips beneath the netting. I expect to get soaked as the catamaran picks up speed, but it’s a calm evening and other than the sound of the hull slicing through the water, there’s not a hint of spray.

Cape Town sunset cruise sights
Cape Town sunset cruise sights


As the sky darkens, streaks of orange merge with brooding grey clouds, and we catch sight of a shark fin. Faiz assures us it is not a shark, and whilst I am no marine biologist, I do know a big fish when I see one. We excitedly jostle for a better view but to no avail. Instead we admire a seal floating leisurely, joining us in our quest to soak up the last rays of the day.

The sky turns a kaleidoscope of colours, and other sailboats join us to enjoy the view but all too soon, the sun slips into the inky depths and darkness descends.

Incredible sunset skies
Incredible sunset skies

Returning to the Victoria and Albert

We return to the V & A to find entirely different scenes at night. The big wheel glitters from the dock, bars throng with holiday makers and entertainers attract crowds. It’s a great place to linger and enjoy dinner and drinks in one of the many bars and restaurants.

What you need to know

We booked via Extreme Escape and tickets cost 450 Rand per person (approx. £22). If you get sea sick you may wish to take tablets beforehand. Although it wasn’t rough on our trip, one family were particularly affected and seasickness will ruin any enjoyment.


A Cape Town sunset cruise is a great way to spend a leisurely evening offering exceptional value and spectacular views of the coastline. My only slight disappointment is that we did push the catamaran to higher speeds, but considering how ill the accompanying family were, I do not blame the staff for keeping things gentle.

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Disclaimer: we received a 10% discount in exchange for this blog post however all views are our own and unedited. 

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  1. Being at Capetown is like a treat for traveler like me. I loved the way you shared your experience through this blog. Sunset at Capetown is something exceptional you don’t see usually. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful blog.

  2. How beautiful! It seems the answer is yes, that sunset cruise is a great way to end the day! My son visited Cape Town and I wish he had done that. Your photos are gorgeous!

  3. I absolutely love sunset cruises, some of the most amazing sunsets I have captured are on the sea and while I was cruising. Bookmarking this one for whenever I make it to Cape Town. Lovely pictures!

  4. I love sunset and sunset cruise tours is perfect way to end a day. I loved the colorful orange skies during this cruise tour. And this tour is neither expensive too.

  5. The sunset looks amazing. Love the interesting insights shared by your guide. In India, we also do refer roundabouts as Circles. You guys look so happy, shame that you had to push the catamaran to a higher speed.

    • Well I never knew that. I’ve been to India three times and never picked up on that. These little idiosyncrasies amuse me when travelling

  6. Is there anything better than sipping champagne and watching a sunset? The cruise looks gorgeous. Our problem with cruises of any sort is that my husband has horrendous sea sickness on any boat (he even got seasick on a canoe once) so we tend to avoid them generally. I, however, would really enjoy it!

    • Oh no that’s a shame. To be fair my husband is similar. He got seasick on his first ever open water dive after his PADI certification. We hadn’t even dived and he was ill. What a trooper though as he still did his dive lol!

  7. I love watching sunsets, couldn’t miss an opportunity to end my day with the glorious sight while travelling. The sunset cruise sounds like a perfect way to enjoy the sunset in Capetown. Loved all the sunset captures, I would love to experience this when I visit Cape Town someday.

  8. What a wonderful way to end a day in Cape town, cruising on a catamaran drinking champagne while viewing the sunset! And what a sunset! Incredible! And the price isnt to expensive either! For that here in Switzerland I need to pay 150$!
    Yes, stuff those seasick tablets! Please!

  9. I absolutely adore sunsets especially when travelling. And the ones in Cape Town are mesmerising! Thanks for the tip on taking something before getting on the cruise; I never travel without my trusty Dramamine ha! It helps me to really enjoy the scene and not get sick. I’ll remember this if I ever visit Cape Town.

  10. How lovely and super affordable. I’ve been on catamarans with those nets and I’m hopeless at looking graceful on them too! LOL! The sunsets are stunning and yeah…. I could get use to it with a few glasses of sparkling for sure. Too bad about the travelling family who got seasick and hence you couldn’t have travelled at faster speeds. I would have been a tad dissapointed too.

  11. What a fabulous adventure, I had never experienced a cruise but your article made me wonder how it feels to experience like this!

  12. I’m headed to Cape Town in a few weeks! Might have to check this out.

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