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Don’t miss the amazing British Airways Premium Plus Credit Card offer

Sign up to the British Airways Premium Plus Credit Card Account before the end of February and earn a whopping 42,000 Avios. From the 1st March the sign up bonus drops to the normal 26,000 which is impressive but just not as incredible as 42,000!! Let me stress, I have never seen a sign-up bonus so high. If you want to fast-track your way to business class reward flights, do not waste any time. After an hiatus from travel, maybe now is the time to think about how you can travel the world in style. You can sign up here.

Boost your airmiles
Earn airmiles with this credit card

How to qualify for the 42,000 AVIOS

To qualify for the reward you must spend £3,000 within 3 months. If you cannot meet this minimum spend, do not sign up. My advice is to put absolutely every item of spend possible on the card to ensure you meet the minimum spend. Then, pay off the balance in full each month. Normally, I would suggest that you only sign up when you have a big purchase coming up if you are uncertain that you can meet the spend. However, as this offer is time sensitive you simply do not have that luxury. If you want the 42,000 AVIOS you must sign up in the next 10 days.

Essential points to note

Note, the following key points on this card.

  1. The Representative APR is an absolutely whopping 1% APR variable. It is advisable to pay off your balance in full each month.
  2. There is a hefty Annual Fee of £250 however you can more than get this back when you take advantage of the companion voucher to book business class or first class flights. Note, you will be able to buy cheaper flights elsewhere in economy. You should never use the companion ticket to book economy flights as you will save so little it is hardly worth the effort. Here are eight things you need to know before you redeem a companion ticket.
  3. The Purchase Rate is 5% variable for purchases but note point above.
  4. You will not be eligible for any welcome bonus offer if you already hold or have held any personal British Airways American Express Card product in the past 24 months. This is an incredibly important point to note as I would hate to see you invest the time and effort to earn the reward only to miss out because you overlooked this point.
Pay off your bank balance
Paying your balance each month

Other reasons you might like this card

The key benefits of the British Airways Premium Plus Credit Card Account are;

  1. You can earn one companion voucher a year when you spend £10,000. This can be used to book a reward flight for both you and a companion – in effect a 2 for 1. You will still pay taxes and fees per person so it only makes financial sense to redeem this companion ticket for business class or first class tickets.
  2. Earn 1.5 Avios for every £1 spent on the card but Avios for every £1 spent with British Airways or BA Holidays.
  3. Receive free Travel Inconvenience Insurance which covers flight cancellations, delays and delayed luggage when you pay with your Card. Please read the full terms and conditions as this insurance is a bolt on to your normal travel insurance rather than a replacement.

Other important notes

From Miles to Smiles is a travel blog. None of the above commentary should be regarded as financial advice, and it is your responsibility to ensure that a credit card you apply for is appropriate for your circumstances. You should read the full terms and conditions of any credit card offer and ensure that that you can meet monthly payments. Our review of these credit cards only considers the ability to earn airmiles and does not consider other factors, such as interest rates, service or the impact on your credit history.  Nothing in this article should be construed as giving advice or making a recommendation.

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